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The Miller Sisters (Left and Right) and Rob Hollis. Photo by Sargent Schutt

The Miller Sisters (Left and Right) and Rob Hollis. Photo by Sargent Schutt

Welcome to JHWeekly’s 6th Annual

March madness Planet JH style is the annual Best of Jackson Hole. This sixth Best of Jackson Hole edition takes place in the Chinese Year of the Horse, MMXIV to the Roman Empire. But Caesar no longer reigns and neither does David DeFazio as Jackson Hole’s Best Attorney. Other five-time gold medal winners fell this year. Fewer people, places and things claimed a spot at the top of the heap with consecutive wins since our poll debuted in 2009.

Mack Mendenhall is still the valley’s Best Real Estate Agent and the Best Elected Official is once again Mayor Mark Barron. How Mendenhall does it is anyone’s guess but Barron won our first-time Best Socialite category, providing insight into how he continues to win elections.

Travis Rice has owned the top step of the podium for Best Athlete since 2009, but thanks to the Winter Olympic games, Resi Stiegler’s appearance in Sochi helped put her back in the spotlight here in the Hole for 2014.

Some winners just keep plugging along. Capt. Bob Morris has reached nearly legendary status as the guy most people would like to see hold office, any office. And tooth-owners countywide wouldn’t trust their teeth to anyone but Scott Larsen. Fish dominates the airwaves in a year that has been tumultuous for local radio. That’s six straight wins for the man steering Trash and Treasure every weekday morning.

Changes were few but DeFazio had to settle for the silver this time around, with Doug Schultz snagging the honors as Best Lawyer. Pica’s surrendered its stranglehold on precious metal to Merry Piglets as Jackson’s Best Mexican Restaurant. Maybe it was the salsa that finally turned the tables – Piglets has won that now for six straight years.

Dig in to this issue of the 2014 Best of Jackson Hole and find out how your favorites stack up. Agree or disagree, hopefully you didn’t forfeit the chance to vote in this year’s poll. Because Best of Jackson Hole is in the books for 2014.


Best Real Estate Agent

Gold: Mack Mendenhall

Silver: Katie Colbert
Bronze: Brett McPeak

Best Socialite
Gold: Mark Barron
Silver: Missy Falcey
Bronze: David Defazio
Bronze: Katie Colbert

Best Athlete
Gold: Resi Stiegler
Silver: Travis Rice
Bronze: Crystal Wright

Best Athlete (Under 17)
Gold: Daniel Tisi
Silver: Anna Gibson
Bronze: Trevor Rizzotti

Best Elected Official
Gold: Mark Barron
Silver: Barbara Allen
Bronze: Jim Stanford

Best Politician That Does Not Hold an Office
Gold: Captain Bob Morris
Silver: Phil Cameron
Bronze: Andy Schwartz

Best Boss
Gold: Joe Rice
Silver: Gavin Fine
Bronze: Dan Forman

Best Local Website (Blogs Included)
Gold: jhunderground.com
Silver: planetjh.com
Bronze: dishingjh.com

Best Non-profit
Gold: PAWS of Jackson Hole
Silver: Habitat for Humanity
Bronze: Animal Adoption Center

Best Charity Event
Gold: Old Bill’s Fun Run
Silver: Library Foundation Benefit at the Four Seasons Resort
Bronze: Art for Orphans

Best Teacher
Gold: Krista Stevens
Silver: Kelly Kaiser
Bronze: Reed Chambers
Bronze: Sarah Wilson

Best Lawyer
Gold: Doug Schultz
Silver: David DeFazio
Bronze: Richard Stout

Best Dentist
Gold: Scott Larsen
Silver: Catherine Tebay
Bronze: Cary Smith

Best Nurse
Gold: Mary Ness
Silver: Patty Ludwig
Bronze: Marti Mason

Best Interior Designer
Gold: Jennifer Visosky – Grace Home Design
Silver: Kate Binger – Dwelling
Bronze: Klaus Baer and Rush Jenkins – WRJ Design Associates

Best Knee Doctor
Gold: Dr. Angus Goetz
Silver: Dr. David Khoury
Bronze: Dr. William Neal

Best Physician
Gold: Dr. James Little, Jr.
Silver: Dr. Bruce Hayse
Bronze: Dr. Mike Menolascino

Best Yoga Instructor
Gold: Ariel Mann
Silver: Niki Sue Mueller
Bronze: Danielle Goldyn Haigh

Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Gold: Dr. Mark Menolascino
Gold: Kevin Meehan
Silver: Taug Boschen
Bronze: Dr. Monique Lai

Best Physical Therapist
Gold: Francine Bartlett
Silver: Hayden Hilke
Bronze: Scott Harmon

Best Massage Therapist
Gold: Rena Trail
Silver: Juniper Lopez
Bronze: Bobbi Reyes

Best Architect
Gold: John Carney – Carney Logan Burke Architects
Silver: Nona Yehia – E/Ye Design
Bronze: Bruce Hawtin – Hawtin Jorgensen Architects

Best Small Business Owner
Gold: Bud Chatham – Dave Hansen Whitewater
Silver: John Frechette – MADE
Bronze: Dan and MJ Forman – Spring Creek Animal Hospital

Best Pet Trainer
Gold: Dog Jax
Silver: Snake River K9
Bronze: JH Positive Training

Best Radio Personality
Gold: Mark “Fish” Fishman
Silver: “Crazy” Tom Haigh
Bronze: Blake Morley

Best Gay Hangout
Gold: The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
Silver: The Rose
Bronze: Ignight

Best Ski Run
Gold: The Hobacks
Silver: Casper Bowl
Bronze: Anything off Thunder Chair

Favorite Liftee
Gold: Slim Weston (Grand Targhee)
Silver: John Newman
Bronze: Nelson on the Quad
Bronze: Zach on Thunder (aka Baywatch)

Best Chairlift
Gold: The Tram
Silver: Thunder
Bronze: Casper

Best Reason to Drive to Driggs/Victor
Gold: Music on Main Concert Series
Silver: The Knotty Pine Supper Club
Bronze: Grand Targhee

Best Thing to Happen to Jackson Hole in 2013
Gold: JHMR voted #1 ski resort by Ski Magazine
Silver: Improvements to Broadway/No more road construction
Bronze: JacksonHoleLive free concerts at Snow King

Worst Thing to Happen to Jackson Hole in 2013
Gold: Construction on Broadway/5-way
Silver: Walgreens
Bronze: Three Starbucks in town now


Best Hotel
Gold: Hotel Terra in Teton Village
Silver: Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole
Bronze: The Wort Hotel

Best Full Service Spa
Gold: Solitude Spa at Teton Mountain Lodge
Silver: Four Seasons Resort Spa
Bronze: Body Sage Spa at Rusty Parrot

Best Hair Stylist
Gold: Rob Hollis
Silver: Jarius Noble
Bronze: Lela Hubbard

Best Shop for Dropping Obscene Amounts of Cash
Gold: Terra
Silver: Altitude
Bronze: Teton Mountaineering

Best Fitness Center/Gym
Gold: Jackson Hole Health & Fitness
Silver: Bell Fitness
Bronze: The White Buffalo Club

Best Outfitter
Gold: Dave Hansen Whitewater
Silver: Barker-Ewing Whitewater
Bronze: Mad River Boat Trips

Best Gear Shop
Gold: Teton Mountaineering
Silver: Skinny Skis
Bronze: Hoback Sports

Best Bike Shop
Gold: Hoback Sports
Silver: Fitzgerald’s Bicycles
Bronze: Wilson Backcountry Sports

Best Veterinary Clinic
Gold: Spring Creek Animal Hospital
Silver: Animal Care Clinic
Bronze: Fish Creek Veterinary Clinic

Best Yoga Studio
Gold: Inversion Yoga
Silver: Akasha Yoga Studio
Bronze: Physique 22

Best Pet Supply Store
Gold: Pet Place Plus
Silver: Teton Tails
Bronze: Jackson Hole Feed & Pet Supply

Best Liquor Store
Gold: The Liquor Store
Silver: Smith’s Liquor Store
Bronze: Bud’s Eastside Liquor

Best Florist
Gold: Lily & Co
Silver: Char Ral Floral
Bronze: Briar Rose Flowers

Best Produce
Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer
Silver: Smith’s Food and Drug
Bronze: Farmer’s Market on the Town Square

Best Bank
Gold: Bank of Jackson Hole
Silver: First Interstate Bank
Bronze: Wells Fargo

Best Eco-friendly Business
Gold: Hotel Terra
Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer
Bronze: Blue Spruce Cleaners

Best Place to Buy Drugs
Gold: Stone Drug
Silver: Smith’s Food and Drug
Bronze: Sav-On at Albertsons

Best Customer Service
Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer
Gold: Spring Creek Animal Hospital
Silver: First Interstate Bank
Bronze: Skinny Skis

Best Resale Store
Gold: Headwall Recycled Sports
Silver: Browse N’ Buy
Bronze: Queenie & Co.

Best Restroom
Gold: Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole
Silver: Thai Me Up
Bronze: Ignight

Best Jewelry Store
Gold: J. C. Jewelers
Silver: Thoenig’s Fine Jewelry
Bronze: MADE Jackson Hole


Best Restaurant
Gold: Snake River Grill
Silver: Spur Restaurant and Bar
Bronze: Trio American Bistro

Best Chef
Gold: Kevin Humphreys
Silver: Joel Tate
Bronze: Will Gahagan

Best Wait Staff
Gold: Snake River Grill
Silver: Rendezvous Bistro
Bronze: Spur Restaurant and Bar

Best Bartender
Gold: Jeff “Handi” Hinnenkamp
Silver: Aaron Mitchell
Silver: Rachel Mazari
Bronze: Nick Sisolak
Bronze: Nick Spaulding

Best Chinese Restaurant
Gold: Chinatown Restaurant
Silver: Ocean City China Bistro
Bronze: Hong Kong Buffet

Best Mexican Restaurant
Gold: The Merry Piglets Mexican Grill
Silver: El Abuelito Mexican Restaurant
Bronze: Pica’s Mexican Taqueria

Best Thai Restaurant
Gold: Teton Thai
Silver: Thai Me Up
Bronze: Teton Thai Plate

Best Italian Restaurant
Gold: IL Villaggio Osteria
Silver: Nani’s Ristorante & Bar
Bronze: Calico Italian Restaurant

Best “Under the Radar” Restaurant
Gold: Eleanor’s
Silver: The Bird
Bronze: Lotus Organic Café

Best Restaurant/Bar with a View
Gold: Dornan’s Pizza and Pasta
Silver: The Granary at Spring Creek Ranch
Bronze: The Bird

Best Sports Bar
Gold: Sidewinders Tavern
Silver: Eleanor’s
Bronze: Cutty’s Bar & Grill

Best Teton Valley Restaurant
Gold: Teton Thai
Silver: Knotty Pine Supper Club
Bronze: Big Hole BBQ

Best Take-out Food
Gold: Chinatown Restaurant
Silver: Teton Thai
Bronze: Teton Thai Plate

Best Breakfast Joint
Gold: Nora’s Fish Creek Inn
Silver: The Virginian
Bronze: The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant

Best Coffee Shop
Gold: Pearl Street Bagels
Silver: Jackson Hole Roasters
Bronze: Persephone Bakery

Best Baked Goods
Gold: Persephone Bakery
Silver: e.Leaven Food Co
Bronze: The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant

Best Sandwich Joint
Gold: Creekside Market
Silver: New York City Sub Shop
Bronze: Backcountry Delicatessen

Best Meat Counter
Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer
Silver: Pearl St. Market
Bronze: Aspens Market

Best Soups
Gold: Pearl Street Market
Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer
Bronze: e.Leaven Food Co

Best Vegetarian Offerings
Gold: Lotus Organic Café
Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer
Bronze: Ignight

Best Breakfast Burrito
Gold: Down on Glen
Silver: Terra Café
Bronze: e.Leaven Food Co

Best Burger
Gold: The Bird
Silver: Local
Bronze: LIFT Jackson Hole

Best French Fries
Gold: Trio American Bistro
Silver: Spur Restaurant & Bar
Bronze: The Bird

Best Salsa
Gold: The Merry Piglets Mexican Grill
Silver: Pica’s Mexican Taqueria
Bronze: El Abuelito Mexican Restaurant

Best Sushi
Gold: Nikai Sushi
Silver: Sudachi
Bronze: Ignight

Best Pizza
Gold: Pinky G’s Pizzeria
Silver: Pizzeria Caldera
Bronze: Pizza Artisan

Best Wings
Gold: Eleanor’s
Silver: The Bird
Bronze: Snake River Brewing

Best Locally Roasted Beans
Gold: Jackson Hole Roasters
Silver: Snake River Roasting Company
Bronze: Great Northern

Best Pint of Locally Brewed Beer
Gold: Pako’s IPA @ Snake River Brewing
Silver: Lager @ Snake River Brewing
Bronze: Snow King Pale Ale @ Snake River Brewing

Best Place to Get a Cocktail
Gold: The Rose
Silver: Local
Bronze: Ignight


Best Cover Band
Gold: Mandatory Air with the Miller Sisters
Silver: The Deadlocks
Bronze: Whiskey Mornin’

Best Band Playing Original Songs
Gold: One Ton Pig
Silver: Screen Door Porch
Bronze: Mandatory Air

Best Musician
Gold: Peter Chandler/ChanMan
Gold: Judd Grossman
Silver: Andy Calder
Silver: Aaron Davis
Bronze: Isaac Hayden

Best Musician (Under 17)
Gold: Syler Peralta-Ramos
Silver: Wyatt Lowe
Bronze: Coby Larsen
Bronze: Dylan Spence

Best Teton Valley Musician
Gold: Ben Winship
Silver: The Miller Sisters
Bronze: John Haines
Bronze: Powell Miller

Best Club DJ
Gold: DJ VerT-OnE
Silver: Cut la Whut
Bronze: DJ WYOBass

Best Live Entertainment Venue
Gold: Pink Garter Theatre
Silver: Center for the Arts
Bronze: Mangy Moose

Best Shake-a-Day:
Gold: Eleanor’s
Silver: The Bird
Silver: Virginian Saloon
Bronze: Stagecoach Bar

Best Local CD Release (2013)
Gold: Black Mother Jones – “Prepared for Nasty Weather”
Silver: The Flannel Attractions – EP
Bronze: Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons – “The Baitshop Demos/
Live at Pink Garter Theatre”

Best Western Art Gallery
Gold: Trailside Gallery
Silver: The Legacy Gallery
Silver: Altamira Fine Art
Bronze: West Lives On Gallery

Best Contemporary Art Gallery
Gold: Tayloe Piggott Gallery
Silver: Altamira Fine Art
Bronze: Diehl Gallery

Best Emerging Artist
Gold: Travis Walker
Silver: Nicole Gaitan
Bronze: Michele Walters

Best Established Artist
Gold: Amy Ringholz
Silver: Kathryn Mapes Turner
Bronze: September Vhay

Best Artist (Under 17)
Gold: Oliver Hollis
Silver: Syler Peralta-Ramos
Bronze: Zeke Nelson

Best Photographer
Gold: Thomas Mangelsen
Silver: Josh Myers
Bronze: Drew Rush

Best Actor/Actress
Gold: Andrew Munz
Silver: Jeff Bratz
Bronze: Stephanie Capps

Best Dancer
Gold: Sarah Konrad
Silver: Kate Kosharek
Bronze: Heidi Ramseur

Best Place to Get Your Groove On
Gold: The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
Silver: Stagecoach Bar
Bronze: Pink Garter Theatre

Best Filmmaker
Gold: Todd Jones – Teton Gravity Research
Silver: Curt Morgan – Brain Farm
Bronze: Darrell Miller – Storm Show

Best Question We Left Out
Gold: Best Lunch Spot
Silver: Best Facial Hair
Silver: Best Aprés Location
Bronze: Best Bike Trail

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