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By on March 12, 2014
Wyoming Cowboys
Wyoming Cowboys

Wyoming Cowboys

911 86’d in Cheyenne

It’s a sign of the times in many municipalities now. Many big city police departments are painfully slow in responding to anything but the most dire dispatch calls. Some have even announced the hierarchy of response times for various offenses.

The trend has arrived in Cheyenne. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle is reporting cops there will no longer investigate fender-benders in parking lots or on private property.

Cheyenne cops responded to 500 calls for minor traffic incidents at Wal-Mart last year alone.


Pokes b-ball 

The Wyoming Cowboys wrapped up their basketball season last weekend with a victory over Colorado State to even their season record at 9-9 in conference and 18-13 overall.

While the team awaits their conference championship (March 13) and a possible bid to the NIT, work is underway on their home court. The Arena-Auditorium is undergoing a $30 million renovation that will run through next fall. The project is the largest fundraising effort for Wyoming basketball in school history. Revamped locker rooms, fan seating and video boards are first to get a facelift.


Governor defends state, pooh-poohs

Wyoming governor Matt Mead is catching some flak for defending the state’s energy extraction industry. Acknowledging that coal in particular is under attack, in the recently completed budget Mead approved measures that would prevent the state from reviewing or funding the new set of Common Core science standards that treat climate change as fact.

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have been adopted in 10 states so far. That’s less than half of the states that helped develop the standards. Wyoming has never been a part of the party.

Rep. Matt Teeters (R-Lingle) proposed the budget amendment that would see Wyoming ignoring the feds decree. Mead signed with little coercion.

Huffington Post ran the story.


Equality State? Not according to gays

Four same-sex couples filed suit in Wyoming last week challenging the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

“As much as I love this state, it is frustrating to live in the ‘Equality State’ and to be treated differently by the government because of who I love,” said plaintiff Anne Guzzo, who is also a UW professor.

Momentum to legalize gay marriage is building in several Western states and across the nation. Judges have struck down bans in Utah, New Mexico, Virginia and Texas. Currently, 17 states plus the District of Columbia recognize same-sex marriage.

We found the news in Reuters.


Wyoming landowner vindicated

The Supreme Court sided with a Wyoming property owner in Medicine Bow National Forest. Marvin Brandt will remain owner of a 200-foot-wide bike trail that cuts through his 83-acre property. The trail was once the right-of-way for a railroad that was then converted to a bike path.

The ruling was 8-1 with Chief Justice John Roberts in dissent. Cheyenne’s News 5 aired the piece.


Pokes receiver diary entry 

“My whole career at Wyoming, when I played receiver, I played slot. But the first half of my senior season, I was outside the whole time. I’m not too sure why. I think it was just for a different look,” wrote Pokes standout receiver Robert Herron. “I’m most comfortable in the slot. I feel like I can get the job done there. I’m a pretty strong guy. I can use that as an advantage. I’m also quick, so I feel like with that combination, it’ll be hard to really consistently jam me. That was never a problem in college.”

The Cowboys’ star receiver was one of the 11 college prospects chosen by USA Today to chronicle their journal to the NFL’s Draft Day.

“My official time in the 40-yard dash was 4.48 seconds and I wasn’t happy. I know I can run faster than that. Once I was up and running, I was running like it was a 4.3, but it was just the start that I had to fix. I still feel like, no matter what that 40 says, I have elite speed and hopefully, I can show it at pro day on Thursday.” The draft is broadcast live on ESPN, May 8-10.


Stabber grabs headlines in Big Apple

The NY Daily News found a story out of Wyoming only they could relish. The headline was tailor-made for them: “Take that! Wyoming woman arrested for felony assault after stabbing teddy bear.”

Casper police arrested Carly Marra after she attacked the stuffed animal with a knife. She and her boyfriend were fighting over a new woman he was seeing. Marra reportedly said she did to the teddy bear what she wanted to do to her boyfriend.

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