Wilson resident missing in Nicaragua

By on April 13, 2014

Karen Colclough has been missing in Nicaragua since April 11.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – UPDATED 3:59 p.m.: Wilson resident, Karen Colclough, was on a mission trip with five others, organized by the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole and Agros International, a non-profit working with poor citizens of Central American countries.

Whether Colclough was last seen on April 10th or 11th, is unclear. The team was resting in Montelimar, a beach town in Nicaragua, after completing their mission work.

Pastor Paul Hayden of the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole said she left her hotel on Friday morning and did not return for dinner at 7pm.

“That really is not like her at all,” said Hayden. “She’s a very dedicated and faithful person. This was a very close group. And they had just completed a tremendous week of work. It wouldn’t be normal for her not to show up for dinner.”

The latest reports say Colclough was last spotted walking in a cane field with a camera, notebook and a bible.

Authorities are searching the surrounding areas where Colclough was last seen including the ocean.

“We are all praying,” said Hayden.  “I want to make sure that everything that is humanly possible to find her, is done and from my perspective that is happening.”

Pastor Hayden said the church organizes a mission to Central America twice a year. Colclough had participated in a past mission trip to Guatemala. This was her first trip to Nicaragua through the church.

A Facebook post by Agros International reads:

“Agros is very sorry to report that a service team member has gone missing. Karen Colclough, with five others from the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole, WY have been in Nicaragua for a week working in Tierra Nueva.

On Friday, the group’s work was completed and as is the usual custom with Agros trips, the team had assembled for an end-of-trip debrief at the Barcelo Montelimar, a beach resort near Montelimar, Nicaragua. Montelimar is 62km/38 miles southwest of Managua. There were no scheduled work sessions or activities that day; the group planned to meet for dinner that evening.

Volunteer Karen Colclough checked in with staff to say she was going for a run on the beach, and did not return to connect with the team for dinner as planned.”

Friends and family have mobilized an impromptu facebook campaign to aid in the search for Colclough. The post reads:

“Karen Colclough age 37 – has been missing in NICARAGUA for over 48 hours. She left the resort with a camera, bible and notebook at 11.30am Nicaraguan time on 4/10. Seen several hours later by a farmer as she walked through a cane field towards some cliffs. Something has happened to Karen – an accident or worse. Karen is extremely responsible and thoughtful and would not take off like this. Her family has asked that we PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. If you have information, contacts, or connections to resources (money, a helicopter, a Seal Team, SAR, night vision goggles), please contact Don Manning, president of Agros International, 206-910-0599.”

Planet Jackson Hole will be updating this story as we learn more. Stay tuned.


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