Advisory: Jackson Town Council authorizes additional $700,000 in emergency funds for Budge Dr incident

By on April 14, 2014

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Teton County Emergency Management has distributed the following release:



Jackson, WY. Jackson Town Council authorizes additional $700,000 in emergency funds for Budge Drive incident.

The Jackson Town Council voted to authorize an additional $700,000 in emergency funds for the Budge Drive project in order for the incident command team and the Town of Jackson to design and install a buttress at the toe of the landslide behind the Walgreens commercial space and westward along Budge Drive and to continue all emergency operations including engineering and geotechnical consulting. Town personnel plan to meet with Walgreens officials tomorrow to discuss a design for a buttress to slow the slide. The Budge Drive landslide continues to move slowly approximately one inch per day and at some survey points movement up to 12 inches horizontally and 12 inches vertically since original measurements were taken. Survey points along the eastern and western edge of the slide show zero movement allowing engineering and geological experts to better identify the boundaries of the slide.

Unified Co Commander Cole Nethercott asked for understanding from residents in the neighborhood, “I want folks to understand that the sooner we get in to do this work, the more likely we can stabilize the hillside and get people back into their homes.”

There will be a water service interruption between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM for the Budge Drive residential units as Public Works crews work to cap the line from the Town of Jackson Water Pump Station to the 12 inch water main in order to relieve any pressure caused by continued movement of the hillside and pumphouse building. After this work is completed, limited water for residential use will be restored to the Budge Drive neighborhood.

Effective 7:00 P.M. Monday, April 14, 2014, residents outside of the identified high risk area will be allowed to return to their residences on foot under a release of liability. Residents will be advised that should they choose to return to their homes, they assume a level of risk and release incident command and the Town of Jackson from liability and they must secure permission from private property owners to cross their property in order to return. Residents will not be able to utilize Budge Drive to gain foot access to their units.

Effective 7:00 P.M., the high risk area identified in the Budge Drive neighborhood will become a ‘hard closure’ area and access will only be allowed for emergency personnel and response teams. Vehicle escorts back to homes in the affected area will cease. April 14 will be the last day for some time that residents will be able to be escorted back to their home by vehicle on Budge Drive.

The residential units that still remain under the evacuation order include 1023 Budge Drive, 1030 Budge Drive, 1040 Budge Drive, 1045 Budge Drive, Residences at 945 West Broadway (Hillside Residential Units), and 855 West Broadway (Walgreens Residential Units). The commercial units that still remain under the evacuation order have not changed and include Walgreens commercial space, Sidewinders Tavern, Ignite, and The Wine Shoppe & Spirits. Other residential units and commercial businesses in the Budge Drive area remain under an evacuation advisory. Residences that are downgraded to an evacuation advisory are reminded they will have limited utility services with no garbage service or ambulance service in particular.

Residents accessing their homes on foot are asked to not park in the private business parking lots of the Hillside complex as parking is limited and are reminded that permission is needed to cross private property to access their unit.

Evacuees needing sheltering assistance should go to the Red Cross Shelter set up at the Exhibit Hall at the Fair grounds.

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