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By on April 15, 2014
Swinging Bridge
Swinging Bridge

Swinging Bridge

JACKSON, WYO – Ban bullets at Swinging Bridge PROPS
Bridger-Teton Forest officials are toying with the idea of banning the discharge of firearms in the Swinging Bridge area. It’s a smart move that should help cut down on what has become a Wild West show of rednecks with no sense of community.

That splotch of public land at the bridge is dangerously close to becoming trailer trash city. High school parties, hobo camps, unsanctioned motocross events and the randomly dumped refrigerator takes place regularly on the 210-acre parcel that has become a trash pit in recent years. Prohibiting shooting there is a step in the right direction.

The proposed ban would outlaw gun firing for one mile along the Snake River. The Forest Service says they’ve heard more and more complaints from neighbors about the noise. Also, there are spent shells, glass and other debris left behind by shooters. Gun-toting yahoos also have destroyed osprey nests, trees and signs.

Anyone who says most users of that area are responsible or respectful is kidding themselves. Almost everyone who shoots there is, by default, a loser – too lazy to get deeper into an actual forest or too cheap to head a mile or two up the road to the gun range to sight in their hunting rifle.

This spot is an ideal place to bring the dogs, fish the banks or jog a trail. It’s not a safe place to shoot, and its ease of access almost guarantees riffraff will abuse it.

Birdman Bert funds the feathered PROPS
Lost in any updates on the oozing butte that continues to inch its way toward Walgreen’s Fresh Faves 70-percent-off aisle was news Monday that the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund dropped thirty large on fowls.

The Fund once again stepped up to fuel passion for all things winged by dedicating $30,000 in research grant money for a range of projects supporting trumpeter swan, Clark’s nutcrackers and harlequin ducks. And that ain’t bird feed.

Bert continues to keep News&Guide readers up-to-date on all things feather related in his weekly newspaper column. It’s a slice of small-town Americana that helps keep local papers relevant. The widower’s dedication to the flighted is admirable. He continues to support several projects each year that aid area researchers in their work.

Maybe Bert can keep a few valley hillbillies in shells for his next grant, and a few shotgun owners can work on the most pressing bird issue to date: the ousting of a half-dozen or so greedy geese that have usurped osprey nests around the valley.

Putting the ‘wall’ in Walgreens DISS
Poor Walgreens. You were never welcome here.

Sure, we have a few misguided city officials who thought they were doing the laissez faire thing by allowing a big chain to park its fat ass right under a butte that was apparently propped up by the thousands of cubic yards of dirt that were carved out to make room for the drug store parking lot. Oops.

Expect lawsuits to come pouring in now from each of the home owners affected by the butte that was “Budged.” The only traffic lately headed up to the evacuated houses is Jackson attorneys looking to leave their card on the door.

Walgreens’ reps might feel a big headache coming on. Bayer Extra Strength is in aisle four.

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