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By on April 15, 2014
Janet and Doug Colclough
Janet and Doug Colclough

Janet and Doug Colclough

JACKSON, WYO – Massachusetts mourns our loss
“Wilson woman missing in Nicaragua” headlined local news feeds including our own until her body was found. To us here at Planet Jackson Hole the news was too close to home. She was one of our delivery drivers. To folks back in Lynnfield, Mass., the news was even closer. Karen Colclough was Janet and Doug Colclough’s daughter. Her story played on Boston’s CBS-TV affiliate among many places back home for the 37-year-old. WBZ-TV put together a moving piece in a remarkably short amount of time late Monday night, featuring reporter Katie Brace interviewing Colclough’s mother and father in their Massachusetts’ home.

Landslide news event
This columnist’s dad called last week. He had heard on Yahoo News that the town of Jackson Hole was being swallowed by a slow-motion landslide. He wanted to know if I was OK. ‘Nuff said, Budge’s Butte’s gone viral.

Jackson Hole filled in
To be fair, Jackson Hole is not always idealized. Our picturesque valley, that has spawned entire knock off community developments like the one in China, has also been used as a disparagement.

The Daily News of Longview, Wash. ran a headline the other day that piqued our interest. “Jackson Hole becoming a wetland.” Wait, it gets worse.

“A Castle Rock eyesore — an old dirt pit known locally as “Jackson Hole” after the street it borders — is about to get a transformation…” the story began. It turns out, the 100-by-70-foot pit that serves as the town’s storm water retention basin was affectionately known as Jackson Hole because of the street mainly — not any knock on our valley.

Some 100 volunteers began a beautification process that will wrap up on Castle Rock Clean Up Day, May 3.

Lumbering the airport
Gensler, the global design firm that gave shape to the Jackson Hole airport, had their efforts featured in an architectural digest called Design Boom.

“[T]he design of a structure composed of wooden beams supporting a dominant overhang – the employment of lumber speaking to the natural protected area of the site. [T]he exposed timber elements are combined with expansive glazing that offers panoramic views of the nearby rocky landscape; while weathered steel installed along parts of the façade and interior walls contrast the smoothness of the concrete floors and the tactile qualities of the predominantly wood building,” the online trade wrote on April 9.

Trickster Tisi
Jackson’s Daniel Tisi, 15, can throw a trick. The teenaged skier was highlighted in Freeskier last week. A five-minute video titled, “Daniel Incarnate” and put together by his brother Jackson is simply inspiring. Pretty cool for a resume builder.

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