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By on April 29, 2014
Powerful landslide tears apart house. Photo: Mary Grossman
 Powerful landslide tears apart house.  Photo: Mary Grossman

Powerful landslide tears apart house. Photo: Mary Grossman

The landslide that ate Jackson Hole
The East Gros Ventre Butte landslide above the new Walgreens achieved prophetic, biblical significance on the Time To Wake Up News website, catalogued alongside all manner of natural catastrophic and dramatic socio-political global events. Perhaps Time To Wake Up took its cue from The Christian Science Monitor’s online headline, “Jackson Hole landslide slowly swallows Wyoming town,” or from the Fox News website, “Rocky landslide slowly devours part of Wyoming resort town.”

One imagines’s Ralph Maughan might have gotten religious in a hurry when he experienced a local landslide nearly 20 years ago. In reflecting on the collapsing hillside above Walgreens he recounted his adventure: “In 1996, deep in the Teton Wilderness (Gravel Creek), we camped on what turned out to be a moving landslide. We broke camp quickly and ran when cracks opened up 100 feet down slope from our tent and the downed logs began to pop and crack. The entire hill slope came down later and formed a temporary small lake.”

Not sure what sins Maughan had to atone for, but one might well interpret such sudden geological wonders as “acts of God,” and some sort of major wake-up call.

Nerds abound in Wyoming
One major benefit of Wyoming residency is feeling proud about getting your geek on. Given that some Wyomingites are prone to sitting curbside for hours and days watching slow-moving landslides, it may come as no surprise that Wyoming was voted one of the top ten geekiest states in America.

According to Roadtrippers Daily, Seattle-based Estately analyzed Facebook data from all across the country to determine which states were most nerd friendly. Twelve “nerd categories,” from fantasy literature to live action role playing (LARP) rated residents’ proclivity for nerdishness.

Wyoming proudly topped the list for its Dr. Who obsession. Utah dominated with high interest in Harry Potter, Star Wars, LARPing, and “an unparalleled obsession with Lord of the Rings.” LARPing apparently rules in Alaska, which ranked second, though Colorado was noted as being home to the most geek-friendly conventions in the country, followed by New Mexico and West Virginia. Idaho loves anime, Oregon boasts the biggest Star Trek fans, and Washington and Kentucky join Utah in their fixation with Lord of the Rings.

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