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By on May 13, 2014

JACKSON, WYO – Hot Dog, hot springs
The proposed reopening of Astoria Hot Springs was met with mainly positive responses after appearing in numerous places last week.

Closed in 1999, the popular swimming spot is where countless valley residents learned to swim. The Trust for Public Land, in cooperation with Northlight Trust, is hammering out a deal with the Snake River Sporting Club’s new owners to reopen the natural springs to the public as part of a 100-acre park with a lodge and condominiums.

Snow King off the hook
Ski resorts everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief at the news that a final judgment found no fault with Snow King over a fall from the Cougar chairlift in 2009 that resulted in injuries to a young boy.

A lawsuit filed by the Oswald family in 2011 accused the resort of negligence in the 50-foot fall. Attorneys for Snow King argued successfully that skiing has inherent risks, one of which is riding to the top. The Oswalds are to receive no compensation and are now responsible for the resort’s court fees in defending the case.

Aid to Aiden
Seventeen-year-old Aiden Ulrich signing with Icelantic Skis caught the attention of the Ski Channel.
“We can expect great things from the youngin’, so keep an eye out for Aiden!” the ski pub wrote recently.

Plane aggravating
A malfunctioning piece of equipment at Jackson Hole Airport is being blamed for several diverted or cancelled flights into Jackson recently. A story by the Wyoming Business Council stated that the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) went on the fritz on April 16 and since has provided pilots with only sporadic data regarding visibility.

Air traffic control is the backup plan but the tower at the local airport is manned only until 9 p.m. Planes arriving later than that have been forced to land in Idaho Falls on some six to eight episodes in the past month.

Smart cookie, Clancy
Former Jackson Holer Sarah Clancy aced her ACTs and was named a STAR student at the Adams County Christian School in her new hometown of Natchez, Mississippi.

Clancy has been at the school for two years since moving from Jackson. The one-time employee of Jackson Hole Book Trader bred Aussie Doodles out of her home on Wilson when she lived here.

The Natchez Democrat also said Clancy was homeschooled while in Jackson Hole.

Griz killing investigated in Idaho
Idaho Fish and Game is looking into the killing of an 11-year-old male grizzly that was reputedly mistaken for a black bear by hunters on Wednesday, May 7. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services has launched a full investigation of the incident, which occurred on the Caribou-Targhee Forest, just off Cave Falls Road in Idaho.
Teton Valley News had the story.

Lost plane found crashed
Wreckage belonging to the plane piloted by twin 80-year-old brothers has been found, according to Jackson Hole Radio News. The single-engine plane went missing after leaving Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody last Tuesday. The men were headed to Twin Falls.

Officials from Park County Sheriff’s Office say they still don’t know if the men survived the crash. Recovery is being delayed for fear of causing an avalanche in the rugged terrain where the plane was spotted.

Two 80-year-old brothers and their missing single-engine plane have been found wrecked on a mountain in northwest Wyoming. Park County Sheriff’s Office says it found the plane yesterday morning on a mountain in Yellowstone National Park. Rescuers still haven’t made it to the crash site because they are worried about causing an avalanche. Officials still don’t know if the brothers survived.

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