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By on June 10, 2014

It’s a wrap

This should be the last we hear from Corey “Robin Hood” Donaldson for a while. The Australian bank thief who knocked off US Bank in Jackson on New Year’s Eve 2012 was sentenced to five years in prison last week. He wept at the news.

Donaldson shared with jurors his gift for storytelling, at one time claiming, “America is not a place where Robin Hood gets condemned.” But it took a jury less than an hour to do just that. Donaldson will serve his time in a Folkston, Georgia, lockup.

We found the news in the Sydney Morning Herald, MSN, and The Guardian.

061114themonus.lead…but she could buy Jackson Hole?

New analysis from real estate brokerage gurus Redfin looked at towns or cities that certain billionaires could buy … completely. The results were eye opening.

“The two things everybody talks about are rich people and real estate, so we thought it would be interesting to pair them,” said Nela Richardson, Redfin’s chief economist. “When someone’s worth $77 billion, you’re not talking about how much house they can buy. You’re talking about how much city they can buy.”

For instance, according to Redfin, Mark Zuckerberg could only afford St. Paul at his paltry $26.8 billion. Bill Gates, meanwhile, could buy the city of Boston if he wanted – lock, stock, and barrel. And he might. If Jackson Hole-based Christy Walton decided to go house shopping, she could buy Gates’ Seattle home along with the rest of the entire city – all 241,450 homes.

CNBC carried the news under the headline, “Billionaires who could buy your town.”

Hockey time!

It’s never too early to start thinking about next winter, and for hockey fans, the news is promising.

While not officially announced in Jackson, Sun Valley’s Idaho Mountain Express reported a newly formed hockey league will take shape for the 2014-15 season. The Black Diamond Hockey League will be anchored by four Senior “A” elite men’s teams – the Sun Valley Suns, Jackson Hole Moose, Park City Pioneers, and the Bozeman Stingers. Geographically, the franchises form a diamond shape.

None of the teams has ever joined a league. The Suns began playing in 1974. The Moose started in 1997. Park City has been playing regularly since 2009 and the Stingers are the newest team. All teams will be required to play home-and-home weekend games with every opponent. A league championship tournament is scheduled for March 14-15 at the Snow King Sports and Event Center.

Untrapped unveiled

Wyoming Untrapped has launched its new website. A creation of Roger Hayden and Lisa Robertson, the group formed in October 2012. The site provides basic information about wildlife trapping and some of the downsides of that business, along with how to stay safe in the backcountry with your pets.

Nature photographer Tom Mangelsen provided most of the stunning images. And yes, there are a few gruesome pics of animals caught in traps.

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