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By on June 25, 2014

National Park Service: No drone zone

News that the National Park Service will move toward banning the use of drones in the airspace above the nation’s 401 parks was met mostly with approval from cyberspace commenters, though a few photographers are bummed. NPS director Jonathan Jarvis signed a policy memorandum allowing each park superintendent the freedom to craft his or her own specific rules. Several incidents have already prompted the Park Service to get ahead of the burgeoning technology including the harassment of rock climbers in Yosemite and bighorn sheep in Zion.

A droid flies over Yosemite.

A droid flies over Yosemite. Image via Yosemite Facebook page.

Yellowstone NP has not had a problem with drones yet, but typically do not allow any permits for photographers wishing to use unmanned aircraft, claiming they would cause harm to the “wilderness experience.” Grand Teton is able to outlaw drone use as well with backing from FAA on the grounds that a major airport is within park boundaries.

Man disappears in Jackson

The video begins: “At night in the Town of Jackson, Wyoming, you see some strange things.” The 45-second clip shows a man walking in front of the Rocky Mountain Bank when he slowly disappears from the webcam footage. speculated the man could be a supernatural being, a time traveler, or a hologram. That, or Jackson is haunted.

The incident happened at 9:15 p.m. on April 30, 2014. See for yourself. Google “Man Walking Disappears In Thin Air – The Town Of Jackson Wyoming.”

Koch in Canada

Jackson’s self-proclaimed snowboard mountaineer Stephen Koch dropped by the IdeaCity gathering in Toronto last weekend. He was one of two dozen featured guest speakers – a list that included astronaut Buzz Aldrin, author Rabbi Shmuley, and pot advocate Steve DeAngelo.

The event is some kind of Canadian TEDx orgy for innovators and influencers in various fields, organized by Moses Znaimer.


Jackson lawyer Jessica Rutzick, who also launched an egg donor service – see our cover story from June 4, 2013 – penned a recent Op-Ed for a major Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.

Rutzick retold her own story of becoming a single mother by choice with a slant on whether her son, Solomon, would be considered Jewish. The piece was titled: “The egg donor might not have been Jewish, but my baby is.”

Wyoming: Smart Tweeters

Not long after learning our Google searches are fairly right wing as a state, here comes news we are pretty heady about Tweeting. Again, the info comes from data compiled by offbeat real estate company Movoto (how ingenious is this marketing plan?).

After analyzing more than a half-million posts on Twitter, Movoto declared Wyoming the second smartest state according to a loosely defined set of criteria that hopefully included at least spelling.

Vermont turned in the brainiest Tweets. Dumbest? It’s a pick ‘em in the southeast between Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.

We caught the scoop at ABC-TV News 13 in Houston, but it was everywhere.

Wild horse Wyoming

Wyoming Public Media is reporting a wild horse sanctuary is being considered in Lander. A proposed 900-acre ranch could provide refuge for as many as 250 horses. Bureau of Land Management spokesperson Sarah Beckwith said the agency would pay the sanctuary, as it does numerous similar ranches in Nebraska and the Dakotas, where American mustangs live out their lives after roundup.

Wild horse roundup in Wyoming. Image via Bureau of Land Management.

Wild horse roundup in Wyoming. Image via Bureau of Land Management.

‘We want you back’

The pop world was abuzz last Saturday as British teen sensation Cher Lloyd popped into Jackson Hole for a surprise concert. Last-minute Tweets announced buses would leave from Jackson Hole Middle School to an undisclosed location somewhere near Teton Village.


Cher Lloyd rocks Jackson Hole. Image via Pepsi-Vevo

Lloyd has been the featured performer for Pepsi’s Summer Solstice concert tour broadcast on Vevo. The Pepsi trucks rolled up to Dornan’s for the quick show. Catch one song online, “I Wish,” live at Vevo.

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