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By on July 2, 2014

DISS: SPET should be SPIT out

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Count this journalist in with Ed Cheramy. The impetus behind the Jackson Hole Tea Party is running newspaper ads (no, not in this one) imploring voters to shoot down all five SPET items this time around and thereby lower the county sales tax from 6 percent to 5 percent.

At first blush, it looks like a typical party stance – stingy to the point of spend not, want not. But Cheramy is not opposed to government spending per se, or the special purpose excise tax. He supported using a penny tax for the toxic landfill cleanup in 2012 – a $14.58 million ticket item that will take residents a year-and-a-half to pay off.

The Tea Party’s beef with SPET is right on the money. This extra penny sales tax should only be used for emergency items not otherwise routinely associated with a town or county keeping its citizens safe and content.

Building sidewalks is the town’s job. Making sure poopy goes to the right place is the county’s responsibility. If the fire department needs new grease for their fire poles or a fluffier dog bed for their Dalmatian, they can jack the price of admission for their fall ball or summer barbecues. And don’t even get me started on Pathways. They are such darlings of the community, they could bust out an off-key version of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” on Town Square and fill their guitar cases with gold bullion and platinum cards.

Even the fair board’s request for a new exhibition hall, which falls into a grey ozone between county and town purview and doesn’t come up as a regular and known outlay, should be dumped. Sure the building is old. Sure it doesn’t heat well or cool well. But what’s wrong with using something until it falls down? Our penny-pinching grandparents from the Depression Era would be aghast at the way we blow money just cuz we want to.

And will the town and county please stop saying a vote for SPET doesn’t raise taxes. Sure it does. It keeps the extra penny in play. And politicians, will you please stop passing the buck by claiming you are not for higher taxes and it’s the voters’ decision. That’s a cop out.

PROP: Dear online readers  

Every once in a while I get tired of hearing about what an idiot I am. Not usually, though. Just once in a while when I make the mistake of looking at online readers’ comments.

First, the “diss” on the Chinese visitor center was blasted as bigoted. It’s got nothing to do with Chinese. It could be aliens from Ork we’re talking about. I still don’t think Jackson should be altered one iota for any visitor. And believe me, the visitor center is not the only “please the Chinese” move that is going on in this valley.

Radio Shack, for one, has a hotline to the Chamber of Commerce they can call whenever they need an interpreter for a Chinese shopper. Perhaps it’s so the tourist can explain to the help staff how some electronic gizmo works since they were all imported from there.

Don’t the French buy batteries and headphones? Is a German just screwed if he can’t understand Verizon’s smart phone replacement plan? And what about the Japanese? They were yesteryear’s nation-du-jour with their pretty Le Buses and whirring cameras. Wow, poison one ocean with tsunami jetsam and look how fast you fall out of favor.

Think it doesn’t affect you or your visiting relatives? One major downtown lodging facility scrapped $10,000 worth of landscaping after finding out white flowers close to the ground are bad luck in China. They were all ripped out. Research was done to figure out what colors were associated with the Chinese zodiac for the year and only these were planted. Catering to the Chinese determined what flowers everyone looked at on his or her way into town.

Oh, and the “diss” on the right-angle turn onto Spring Gulch is now heading before county commissioners for a rework. Traffic design should not be done with the cyclist at the top of the food chain. I know we love our green asses here in JH but the car is still king. Rather, the truck. The off-ramp worked. If it imperils bikers too much maybe they need to take some responsibility and keep their head on a swivel.

DISS: Rotten to the Core

The bandwagon is leaving the school grounds. Time to jump on board, Wyoming. Repeal Common Core participation. Do it.

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