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By on July 15, 2014
Sweet tooth cravings are satiated in Jackson Whole Grocer's bakery. Photo by Mary Grossman.

Sweet tooth cravings are satiated in Jackson Whole Grocer’s bakery. Photo by Mary Grossman.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – They had me at the pre-packaged containers of cookie dough – I’ve seen four different flavors so far – made by their own bakery. Not that I ever doubted I would love the larger, new location for Whole Grocer. I just didn’t understand the depth of my love until I saw the cookie dough containers.

But woman cannot live on cookie dough alone. (Not that I haven’t tried.)

The new Whole Grocer has a deli where you can create your own sandwich or choose from six ready-made creations. Whole Grocer’s sandwiches may no longer be one of the best lunch bargains in the valley, but they’re still one of the best sandwiches in town. Making your own sandwich now starts at $8, up from $7.

Of course, since Whole Grocer is now one of the fanciest food stores of all time in the history of ever, they don’t do simple sandwiches (unless that’s what you order). Their six pre-made sandwiches include the Brielicious ($9), with creamy Brie, apples, Dijon mustard, and a choice of ham or turkey on multi-grain bread.

Then there’s the Muffeletta ($10), with capicola, Genoa salami, Black Forest ham, provolone, olive salad, roasted red pepper, and oregano on focaccia bread.

If I ate tofu (I’m more of a tempeh girl), I bet I would eat the hell out of the Tofu Bahn Mi ($9), which is comprised of grilled ginger tofu with a marinated slaw of carrots, shiitake mushrooms, jalapeno, basil, cilantro, and mint on a baguette. Maybe I’ll have to start eating tofu.

Feeling like tacos instead of a sandwich? Those are made to order too. Choose from four different styles: burrito (naturally gluten free tortillas are available), burrito bowl, two soft tacos, or two crispy tacos. Main fillings include tofu rojo, anchiote grilled chicken, grilled ancho flank steak, barbacoa shredded beef, and park carnitas.

The one thing I haven’t been in love with is the hot bar. I love that it’s Indian this month. However, during the six times I’ve visited only once did it have an offering with meat in it (chicken tikka masala). More often, the profusion of various beans or cauliflower in ill-colored sauces has not piqued my appetite. A plea to Whole Grocer: Could you guys please do a day of vindaloo before Indian month is over?

The salad bar ($8.99 a pound) is killer. There are all the makings for a top-notch salad on a variety of greens. There are also enough grain-based side salads that you can have a different one every day for a week. A helpful hint: if you’re looking at one of these side salads – quinoa ranchera, nine-grain salad, tomato feta quinoa – some of are sold pre-packaged in the chilled display directly across from the bakery counter. Too late I saw the barley salad I had put into my salad bar bowl in a pre-packaged container for $6.99/pound.

Having a T Rex’s equivalent of sweet teeth, the bakery is my favorite part of the new store. Three words: brioche cinnamon roll ($2.50). Three more: peach blueberry crisp ($5.49, and you get a ramekin to keep!). The house-made whoopie pie ($3.49) is pretty good too. Another plea to Whole Grocer: I know this isn’t a traditional whoopie pie, but would you consider doing a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing inside? But only if you don’t mind seeing me every day.

The new Whole Grocer doesn’t just rule for its expanded ready-to-eat food options, but also for two areas, one inside and another outside, where you can sit and enjoy the food you just bought. Both areas have free Wi-Fi and ample seating. Inside also features designer David Trubridge’s iconic Coral pendant light fixtures.

Jackson Whole Grocer, open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily, 1155 S. Hwy 89. 733-0450; www.jacksonwholegrocer.com.

Sweet tooth cravings are satiated in Jackson Whole Grocer’s bakery.

Photo credit: Mary Grossman

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