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By on August 20, 2014

365 days of inversion


Deidre Norman doing one of 365 handstands. Photo: Deirdre Norman.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Deidre Norman has done it just about everywhere now. After all, she did it every day for that past year. Usually, Deidre does it alone, but sometimes a friend or two will join in. On more than one occasion, a goofy-looking white dog stares at her like she’s lost her mind.

Watching the three-minute Vimeo, we laughed, we cried, we felt disoriented. Deidre took a picture of herself doing a handstand every day for a year – 365 shots of her upside-down in front of the Tetons, in the snow in Alaska, or in the Taj Mahal gardens with baffled onlookers gawking at the Jackson Hole yogi.

Banking on JH headline

Janet Yellen, chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Photo: Andrew Harrer-Bloomberg.

Janet Yellen, chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Photo: Andrew Harrer-Bloomberg.

Every year in late August a scan of the headlines in the financial world makes for some curious reading. It’s the central bankers annual pow-wow in GTNP and the resulting news stories ahead of the Federal Reserve symposium range from comical to just plain trying too hard.

“When Packing for Jackson Hole, Include These Economic Reports.”

“Why Do We Care About Jackson Hole?”

“Asian Eyes on Jackson Hole.”

“Jackson Hole Predicts Jack Squat In The Bond Market.”

“A (Jackson) Hole Lot of Nothing.”

And our personal favorite: “Don’t Hike Alone Is Jackson Hole Bear Warning for Central Banks.”

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi will give their opening addresses on Friday.

Meat Dan Marino


Dan and Suzanne Marino, owners, JH Buffalo Meat Co. Photo: Alden Wood.

Dan Marino had a dream: To play for the Miami Dolphins. No, not that Dan Marino, and not that dream. This Marino, 53, owns the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company.

Daily Finance ran a monster story on Marino and his wife, Suzanne, on August 12. We learned several things about the meat man.

“When Dan Marino was 14, his family drove through Jackson, Wyoming, on a summer road trip. ‘We came in through Togwotee Pass in the north,’ he remembered. ‘I saw the Snow King ski resort, and I tapped my mom on the shoulder and said, ‘I’m moving here.’”

When Marino graduated from high school, he loaded up his 66 Mustang and beelined for the Hole. He started a power-washing business, cleaning everything from log homes to commercial kitchen stove hoods. He also worked part-time cutting steaks and filleting fish at the Cadillac Grille where he met Suzanne, who was the owner and chef at the time.

The couple bought the then-50-year-old meat company in 1997.

Sweet home Jackson Hole

Lynyrd Skynyrd is headed to the valley to help the Town of Jackson celebrate its 100 years of incorporation. and Guitar World were just a couple of music outlets that ran the news that the seminal southern rockers were retooling and hitting the road this fall, on a tour that will carry them to Jackson Hole on August 31 for the town’s centennial celebration.

Gary Rossington left Jacksonville, Florida, for Jackson, Wyoming, years ago after his post-Skynyrd band was dropped by MCA records.

“In the midst of their 40th Anniversary Tour, this iconic southern band is gonna blow the roof off of Jackson!” said Mayor Mark Barron through JacksonHoleLive, who is promoting the free show.

War store: Jackson Hole fatigues

The NY Times ran a map-driven piece on where military surplus gear can be had in the United States. Teton County was noticeably missing from the many areas across the country one could obtain a grenade launcher or night vision goggles.

A grant from the Defense Department makes available all kinds of war toys. Looking for a used Blackhawk helicopter? The closest place is Mohave County, Arizona. They have two in stock.

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