Intencions draws a Breath

By on September 3, 2014

‘A Wasp Bath,’ by Laura Garrard.

Jackson Hole, Wyo. – In the back room of a high-vibration studio called Intencións, just off the beaten path of Town Square, a collaborative exhibit between a photographer, spray paint artist, poet, painter and illustrator allows for a collective breath.

Portraits of yoga poses, visions of Buddhist deities and sacred animals in their abstract and real form combine to create a raw space of wonder. If you are fortunate enough to be there when Intencións owner Daniela Botur is playing her sound bowls, you can look up at the canvases from a soft body pillow on the ground and take in the vibrations that enhanced the exhibit at its opening reception earlier this month.

“The beauty of the reception was not only the co-collaboration between visual art and poetry readings, but also the gongs, sound bowls and modern dance,” Botur said. “Intencións is a unique art space that is open to creative inspirations. This was the vision of Laura Garrard.”

Garrard’s paper-sized canvasses speak of unconditional love and moments in nature. “A Wasp’s Bath,” is a poem brought to life by a Rothko-like horizontal blur of abstract yellow and orange acrylic paint. Garrard expresses her quest to find joy by accepting love in an article in the current issue of Teton Spirit Connection magazine, which is also on display for the exhibit. Other works include multimedia collages and graphite renderings on paper.

Garrard curated the exhibit with works by photographer David Bowers and Artist Erin Ashlee Smith, who uses spray paint as a mainstay on her yoga-inspired canvases.

“It was a combination of our efforts that made it happen,” Garrard said. “Erin and I were introduced by Frank and Daniela because all three of us were in Teton Spirit magazine. Then I was introduced to David through Erin.”

Bowers, an Exum mountain guide, captures the Teton lifestyle through portraits and outdoor adventures. There is a simplicity to his images that says every adventure involves an element of sacrifice and solitude, from a stark white image of a goat, to a blood-red sunset over the Tetons to a woman in dancer’s pose.

“I like to include the human element in everything I shoot,” Bowers said. “I’m interested in the cooperation between people and the environment. Whether it’s shooting yoga or a climber in the mountains, I like to show that coexistence.”

Smith’s Chakra series illuminates the power of the colors in the energy centers in the body with outlines of figures in serene poses. Her painting has a graffiti-like quality. But the delicate acrylic lotus flowers and bold elephant that come out of her largest pieces create a dimension beyond what you might see on city sidewalks.

On September 13, Ashlee will take her painting to the streets and do a live demonstration on the deck outside Intencións. Inside at noon, the Breathe exhibit will create a new vibration during a kundalini yoga class with Sarah Kline.

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