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By on September 3, 2014

Heady art, delicious food and abundant booze flow through the streets of Jackson Hole, 5 to 8 p.m., Friday during Palates and Palettes Art Walk. More than 30 galleries participate in P&P, transforming downtown into a microcosm of culture and drunks, err cultured drunks?

You’ll need a game plan if you want to maximize your indulgence and imbibe on atypical art in just three hours. So here are three galleries/events worthy of weaving into your evening tapestry.

Asymbol Gallery + Q Roadhouse


‘Hand Jive’ by Asymbol artist Todd Glaser.

Jackson Hole, Wyo. – Perhaps one reason some folks jump ship after a few years in the valley is because this area has lacked colorful urban quarters; zones where people can connect with each other on a daily basis and ward off feelings of isolation. Sure, you can enjoy Western sensibility around every corner. And that’s great for tourists, but what about locals looking for authenticity outside of the Western sphere? Thanks to the Pink Garter Plaza and Asymbol Gallery, we are bearing witness to the birth of such a locale that is inoculating Jackson with new life.

“It reminds me of the kind of vibe that parts of Brooklyn have – hipster-tatted barbers, a cool coffee shop, bar, theatre and pizza place; people are attracted to the freshness of the whole Pink Garter thing,” said Asymbol director Alex Hillinger.

A gallery showcasing contemporary art that embodies perceptual experiences like shredding powder, riding waves and dodging death on a skateboard completes the ‘Pink Garter thing’ Hillinger is referring to, along with Jackson Treehouse, which is connected to the gallery. Asymbol’s art resonates with people who spend time outdoors and often lead, or might like to lead, lifestyles that deviate from a 9-to-5 monotony.

“Our particular spin on contemporary art is very much about the experience of riding in Jackson Hole, but also the bigger picture – we don’t just snowboard in the winter, we surf, we skate, we travel and we appreciate being in nature and it’s very much about those experiences on a higher level,” Hillinger explained. “It’s about how art can be the vehicle to express the human experience … that’s a difficult thing to totally describe because it’s about how you feel.”

From a new signature binding that Asymbol is releasing with local artist and pro-snowboarder Bryan Iguchi to its first real group show of original art this fall and a smattering of events that will coincide with premieres of snowboard films, Asymbol is elevating the visibility of artists such as Iguchi, local photographer and filmmaker Jimmy Chin (follow him on Instagram to vicariously dangle from serrated cliffs across the world: @jimmy_chin), painter and illustrator Adam Haynes and Aussie water photographer Trent Mitchell, to name a few.

The brainchild of pro-snowboarder Travis Rice and artist/snowboarder Mike Parillo, Asymbol had its genesis as a gallery on the interwebs. Now, its board sports-activated art and merchandise is flexing a physical presence on Rice’s home turf, introducing the mental mechanics of the Jackson Hole-bred phenomenon.

“Travis is a really interesting person – his riding is different than other pro-snowboarders because it’s an expression of who he is and so is Asymbol,” Hillinger said. “It is an expression of the way that Travis experiences and sees the world; he is deeply interested in art and artists … Travis is having one of the more unique experiences of anyone on the planet and Asymbol is a way to share the things he experiences through art. It’s those experiences that resonate with people.”

On Friday at Asymbol nibble on beef tartar care of Q Roadhouse sourced from pro-snowboarder Mark Carter’s Carter Beef out of Tensleep, WY. Drink slingers at The Rose are laboring over a specialty cocktail to be served just for the occasion.

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