FEED ME: New chef reignites Haydens Post

By on September 10, 2014


Haydens Post is back on its game. The salmon hash is again one of the best breakfasts in town. Photo: Geraldine Mishev.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – I couldn’t rave enough about Haydens Post when it opened inside the newly remodeled Snow King Resort last year. Its cast iron cinnamon roll ($5) is almost as good as sex.

I swear I had breakfast there every day for a week straight last September, alternating between salmon hash ($14) and the green eggs + ham ($13).

Then I was out of town for a while, just long enough for me to forget how much I loved Haydens Post’s breakfast. When I returned I fell back into my usual routine at Pearl Street Bagels.

A couple of months ago, I remembered the cinnamon roll and salmon hash. My boyfriend’s mom was in town, so the three of us went there for breakfast.

I had problems sleeping the night before I was so excited to be reunited with my cinnamon roll. I might have dreamt of salmon hash.

It’s entirely possible I had built Haydens Post’s cinnamon roll up so much in my mind’s mouth that no pastry in the world could have lived up to the expectation. But I don’t think that’s the case. I think Haydens Post had a bit of a sophomore slump going on late this spring and early this summer.

Rather than swooning with the first cinnamon-y bite, I sighed. “Meh.” That same meal, the fish in the salmon hash was so fishy I couldn’t eat it. There are enough tasty restaurants in this town that you can write one off after a meal like this. However, very shortly after this unimpressive meal, Haydens Post announced a new executive chef, Josh Ladd.

I gave it a little over a month and then went in for dinner.

The endive and peach salad ($10) is my new cinnamon roll. Tossed with marcona almonds and honey vinaigrette, this salad has outranked Bin 22’s arugula, peach and prosciutto salad as my favorite in town. Enjoy it out on Haydens Post’s deck during the few weeks of nice weather we have left for a wonderful evening.

 Make the evening over the top by splurging on the grilled elk loin. At $42, I think it’s the priciest item on the dinner menu, but worth it.

For my dinner, I had actually ordered bouillabaisse, one of the evening’s specials. Even if it was as soup-y as I had been hoping for – the broth was flavorful, but there wasn’t much of it – I still would have had order envy over my boyfriend’s elk loin.

I’ve never eaten fairy wings, but this elk loin, grilled a perfect medium rare, is what I imagine they would taste like. I never had elk you could cut easily with a fork. Every time Derek turned away, I snuck another forkful of the summer bean salad accompanying the elk.

For dessert, go for the huckleberry milkshake. It will be the best you ever had. After asking Ladd what the secret ingredient was – the shake is obviously more than mere huckleberries, ice cream, and milk – I’ve been trying to recreate it at home. Sadly, efforts to date have been unsuccessful. The good news, aside from Haydens Post reestablishing itself on my menu of favorite restaurants, is that I live a quarter mile from it.


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