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Star sighting


Jamie Chung. Photo:

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Reality TV star Jamie Chung hit the Hole last week, blogging the news on her website Several Hollywood gossip sites picked up on Chung’s comments, which included photos of the celebrity in Jackson Hole.

“Jackson Hole, WY, is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve traveled to in the States,” Chung wrote. “It is truly Americana. I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Brewster Higley’s song ‘Home, home on the range.’ Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and are inspired to take a road trip through our beautiful States!”

Brewster who? The 31-year-old actress, who appeared in Hangover II and III, rocked a Clare V. Flat leopard print clutch ($210) with matching Loeffler Randall pumps ($350).

Geek peek at tech summit

While the economic summit grabbed all the headlines last month, a global technology summit squeaked by with barely anyone noticing. The Wyoming Business Report wrap-up was the only way we found out about the hi-tech conference that entertained reps from Google, AT&T and Microsoft.

Randall Stephenson,  CEO of AT&T, who has a summer home in Jackson, presented on a panel about broadband networks along with the chief technology officer of Microsoft, Stuart McKee. They kicked around ideas on how Wyoming could become at least an off-ramp on the information superhighway.

“We know we’re not going to become Silicon Valley and we don’t want it,” said Governor Matt Mead, in attendance for the summit. “But we can provide diversity in economy and diversity of thought.”

Bobby Knight has a cow

What’s Bobby Knight got against livestock? The former Indiana basketball coach known for his fiery courtside temper was involved in a collision with a cow outside of Cody on August 22.

The accident occurred on Chief Joseph Scenic Highway around 8:45 p.m. The airbag in Knight’s 2012 Ford Expedition deployed and the vehicle was totaled. The cow didn’t make out so well, either.

Highway Patrol trooper Brad McConnell said Knight told him he never saw the cow. There were several on the road in an open range area. Knight was traveling alone after a fly-fishing trip in the Thermopolis area.

There was no word on whether Knight tore the seat out of his Expedition and threw it at the dead cow for getting in his way.

Reno on Burning Man death

The Reno Gazette-Journal did an admirable job of covering Alicia Cipicchio’s recent death at Burning Man. The paper ran hourly updates and managed to contact several of the 29-year-old’s friends and coworkers.

Burning Man spokesman (yes, there is a Burning Man PIO) said the last time an “art car,” or parade float, had hit and killed a person was 2003. Humboldt General Hospital CEO Jim Parrish told the Gazette-Journal that at least two other people have died since they began providing medical response in 2011.

Dick still polarizing

It’s unclear what exactly the pushback is concerning former Vice President Dick Cheney’s scheduled appearance as the keynote speaker at this week’s annual convention of the Wyoming State Bar, but some lawyers say they simply won’t attend.

Cheney’s self-submitted biography rankled some. Rather than focusing on his achievements in the litigious realm, Cheney railed on the Obama administration for, in his opinion, effing up the country since he and George left.

Attorneys identifying themselves as Democrats are most likely to shun the event. Cheyenne lawyer and Democratic state legislator Mary Throne told the Star-Tribune’s Ben Neary she won’t be attending.

“Obviously, I have a lot of respect for the office of vice president and his service to Wyoming,” Throne said of Cheney. “It does seem an odd choice for a bar banquet. Traditionally, it’s somebody with a legal background, and not someone who’s so active in politics, frankly. So, I do not plan on attending the banquet.”

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