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Honk if you’re a Wyoming driver

Jackson Hole, Wyoming — It’s hard to believe Wyoming drivers are bigger Massholes than Boston motorists. If you’ve ever travelled in the state of Massachusetts, you know that’s really saying something. Drivers noted for their aggression seem to congregate around the Northeast. Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and New Jersey all made the top ten list in a recent nationwide poll conducted by
The surprises came with the inclusion of expansive Western states like Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah – places where motorists frequently hammer down to cover long distances between destinations. In the case of Utah and Wyoming, these lead foot locals are often in competition with puttering sightseers who are in no hurry to make their 4 o’clock check-in at the Motel 6.
Shockingly, Idaho was reported to have the “worst” drivers when it came to on-road courtesy or lack thereof. Just as surprising was Wyoming scoring fourth place, unless, of course, you’ve ever driven down Broadway at 5:15 p.m. in July.
We read the results in USA Today.

Wild for Wyoming



Animal Planet’s ‘Backcountry Wyoming’ Photo:

Animal Planet will be airing Back Country Wyoming sometime this fall. The pilot TV show will focus on the day-to-day duties of game wardens and possibly other government personnel who spend their time in the outdoors policing public lands and wildlife.

We read the story in the Pinedale Roundup where hunters were advised they may encounter film crews this season following their local game warden around.

Dollars and diplomas



Business Insider published a couple of poll results in map form. Wyoming was the only state listed where the results did not point to an actual town in either poll we looked at.
The first one we saw was the American Community Survey’s most educated town in every state poll. Moose Wilson Road bested the state with 78.3 percent of residents age 25 or older along Highway 390 possessing at least a bachelor’s degree. That blows away Montana’s Big Sky (54.3), Nebraska’s Wayne (44.4) and, wait for it … North Dakota’s Fargo (39). College grads were most likely to be found in Chevy Chase, MD, with 92.7 percent of their residents achieving a bachelor’s or better.
The same pollsters also zeroed in on each state’s most affluent town or city. Again, the best Wyoming could muster for a “town” was Rafter J Ranch, where the median income is an impressive $117,526. Compare that to ghettos like Gretna, NE ($77,818) and Jericho, VT ($78,618). The Richie Richs were from predictable highbrow communities like Hidden Hills, CA ($250,000) and Scarsdale, NY ($232,422).

Snow, dontcha know?

This wouldn’t be headline material around here but “Snow in Jackson Hole” was how Deborah Aase titled her community gossip column in the Kenyon Leader on September 10.
Right up there with Kara Dressel and Brian Pittman’s wedding on the 6th and Brent Lurken’s birthday was news that the Mills returned from a trip to Jackson Hole where it snowed for five straight hours. “[E]nough snow on the ground to make a snowman,” Aase wrote.
And Leader readers shouldn’t be any strangers to the white stuff. The paper is based in Minnesota.

Wyofile rookie scores story

The most informative story on the man killed by a bear north of Dubois came from WyoFile’s newest reporter, Angus M. Thuermer Jr. It was the first time we’ve seen his byline on a Wyofile story.
The headline read: “Bear bite probably killed man; both species may have been on remains.” Thuermer managed to wrangle a quote out of a Game and Fish supervisor (where other media outlets had a “no comment”) and printed the deceased’s name (Adam Stewart, 31) and photo (where other papers did not).


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