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Pippa prances in JH

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Legit news sources and paparazzi tabloids alike all caught wind of Pippa Middleton’s appearance at the Silver Dollar Bar in the Wort Hotel. Duchess Kate’s sister was whirled and twirled by local cowboy Chris Koch, who apparently had no idea who she was even after being told her name.

We first learned of the royal two-stepper’s waltz around the sawdust floor from Jayme Feary. He posted a photo taken by Wilsonite and children’s book author Nanci Turner Steveson. Numerous other shots and videos surfaced soon after the November 5 drop-in. We found one on the NY Daily News website, where a video shot by Emily Arbegust appeared along with several photos. Arbegust also plastered fan-gushing photos of Middleton all over her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Kentucky transplant has lived in Jackson long enough (three years) to know the code: We don’t make a big deal out of celebrities and they appreciate that.

Pippa Middleton and Chris Koch dance at the Silver Dollar Bar PHOTO CREDIT: Nanci Turner Steveson

Pippa Middleton and Chris Koch dance at the Silver Dollar Bar
PHOTO: Nanci Turner Steveson

Middleton may or may not have been here as a publicity stunt for NBC. As an interesting side note, Stio reps chimed in on the Daily News story and also reTweeted Pippa’s do-si-do, claiming she was rockin’ a Stio flannel shirt.

Biota bags Sun Valley gig

So much about Sun Valley, Idaho, echoes Jackson Hole. Hailey could double for Jackson. Maybe Ketchum is like Wilson minus the Hemingway suicide.

So it’s no surprise to see Jackson’s Biota Research and Consulting conducting a detailed geomorphic assessment of the Wood River Valley corridor for a consortium of stakeholders consisting of the Bureau of Land Management, Trout Unlimited and the Wood River Land Trust. The study is expected to last a year. Magic Valley Times-News in Idaho clued us in.

Photo bomber Barrasso

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso snatched the opportunity to get into a shot of West Virginia’s youngest state rep, Saira Blair. The 18-year-old Republican defeated Democrat Layne Diehl to win a seat in the state House of Delegates. She will be the youngest state lawmaker currently in the United States.

Blair is a freshman attending West Virginia University. Barrasso stepped into her shot we found on Washington’s CBS-DC because he was attending a WVU College Republicans event along with Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito.

Biden’s bunkhouse flop

Joe Biden’s stopover at the Brinkerhoff Lodge in Grand Teton National Park has bounced around on a few news source sites. We discovered the largest and latest at TIME, where writer Zeke Miller attempted to blow the lid off the mini-scandal.  Vice President Biden, his wife and 11 other family members spent four nights at the lakeside log cabin in August, even though the Park Service banned federal VIPs from using the cabin for vacations in 1992. The Park Service has been lax about enforcing the ban in recent years. Biden has since offered to fork over $1,200 for staying at the cabin.

Spokesperson Jackie Skaggs said the lodging was legit but after TIME started digging around, the Interior Department is launching their own investigation.

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