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Bears are aware

A Fox News report tells us what we could have guessed: Grizzlies follow hunters.

GPS-collared bears provided scientists with the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team proof that bruins track hunters as they track elk in hopes of getting to downed elk as soon as they hear a shot. The stealthy griz were observed as close as 100 yards from hunters while they stalked their prey, some even latching on to blaze orange-clad soldiers as soon as they left the parking lot.

“In the most clearly detailed example, a group of hunters turned on their GPS devices moments after leaving a parking area at around 6 a.m. When scientists analyzed their movements later and contrasted them with those of a nearby grizzly, it became clear the bear was tailing them,” Fox News reported.

Same-sex marriage support

The Washington Post was one of several outlets to carry news of a new poll that shows a majority of Wyomingites are OK with same-sex marriage. More than half (53 percent) of state residents taking part in the University of Wyoming poll supported gay marriage. By comparison, 24 percent were down with same-sex marriage a decade ago.

The poll found self-identified moderates and liberals were more likely to support marriage for same-sex couples than self-identified conservatives. Young people also were more likely to support it than senior citizens.

Forbes’ finest … again

Forbes might as well pencil us in at the No. 1 spot on their list of top places to ski in the United States. For three years, the venerable publication has produced what they claim is the most-read list of resorts, and for three years Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has snagged the top spot.

Not resting on its powder, JHMR has actually upped their Forbes PAF (Pure Awesomeness Factor) score to a 99. Editors at Forbes went as far as to claim Jackson Hole as the pre-eminent place to ski in all of North America.

“Jackson established a record for its skier visits last year with 563,631, a 12 percent increase compared with the previous season,” Forbes wrote. “Despite that uptick, Jackson has not yet become a place where overly crowded lift lines, outside of the tram on a powder day, should be expected. Consider that Jackson’s record year for visits still only comprises about a third of the visits that the mountains at Breckenridge or Vail see in a year.”

Coffee talk percolating

We’ve had our coffee wars here in Jackson. (See Planet Jackson Hole’s coverage from September 10, 2013, at 2013/09/10/fair-trade-coffee-locals-brace-for-battle-from-seattle.) Starbucks directly or indirectly caused Shades to shutter not long after its arrival on the Town Square. Other establishments have either benefitted from the caffeine craze or hung on for dear life.

But who’s really the best? What brand of bean do Jacksonites prefer? Our readers elevated Pearl Street Bagels, JH Roasters and Persephone to the top of the list in our “Best Of” voting for 2014. The Aspen Times reported on Vail Resorts’ decision to ditch a local coffee provider for Park City Mountain Resort in favor of Starbucks. It got Allen Best and his Mountain Town News wondering if Vail authorities weren’t trying to push Park City into the “big time” with Aspen, Breckenridge and Vail. Jackson Hole and Whistler were relegated to an “also” status by Best, presumably somewhere beneath the big time.

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