FEED ME! Modest spot doles out solid Mexican

By on December 9, 2014
A quick and affordable snack: Sanchez’s variety of tacos. GERALDINE MISHEV

A quick and affordable snack: Sanchez’s variety of tacos. GERALDINE MISHEV

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – After dining at Little Caesars in recent weeks, the list of valley restaurants I have never patronized shrank to one. Last week I ate at Sanchez Mexican Food. And now I can say I’ve eaten everywhere that sells prepared food, best I can tell.

There are several obvious reasons I stayed away from Little Caesars: its location inside Kmart (a place I try to avoid at all costs); and the fact it’s fast food (which I try to avoid at almost all costs, unless I’ve just finished a 100-mile bike ride and a McDonald’s junior double cheeseburger is calling me).

There was no reason I had stayed away from Sanchez, other than being a creature of habit when in the vicinity of Pearl Street Bagels, which is just around the corner. It’s hard to go wrong with a bagel. And also because of Pica’s. Whenever I’ve been in the mood for Mexican, I go to Pica’s. And every time I go there, as good as its wet sauce is, I am a bit annoyed to have to leave East Jackson, where I live.

Sorry Pica’s, but I’ll be making fewer trips to west Jackson with the specific purpose of dining with you. But Sanchez is no Pica’s. For starters, it’s BYOB rather than serving its own super tasty margaritas. However, it’s great, simple Mexican food for a fairish price.

I first wanted to try the fish tacos, which used baked salmon (two for $11.50). But the woman at the counter told me they were out of salmon. Despite the fact that she was 1. cheerful, and 2. Mexican, she reminded me terribly of my Bulgarian grandmother. Despite my Bulgarian grandmother not being cheery, I loved her dearly and because this woman – Mrs. Sanchez? – reminded me of her I gave the restaurant enough points to cancel out those lost for a salmon shortage.

Scrambling for a second choice, I asked if I could do an order of three tacos ($10), but rather than getting three beef or three pork, if I could do two steak and one pork.

Smiling, my Mexican grandmother replied, “of course.” And then she asked me if I wanted something else, I believe, but I didn’t completely understand her.

Her English is much better than that of my Bulgarian grandmother’s, so I must have had clogged ears. I finally discerned that it was something like “whole beans” she was offering me. I had no idea what whole beans were, but I said yes. And you should make sure to say yes to these beans too.


Sanchez’s unassumming storefront sits quitely on Glenwood. GERALDINE MISHEV

Because I got my order to go, the whole beans were packed in a Styrofoam cup with a lid. They were so fragrant, I began eating them by slurping them out of the cup on the short drive home. By the time I got home, only the heaviest beans and hunks of bacon remained.

Reliving the experience of eating them now, my mouth is watering despite the fact it’s been less then 10 minutes since I’ve polished off what has to be one of the world’s best almond croissants ($2.50, from Beverly Hills’ Tarte Tartin).

However, as good as the beans were, they didn’t do much to assuage my hunger since I had skipped lunch and done a couple of laps on Snow King. Bring on the tacos.

Surprisingly, I preferred the beef to the pork. I thought the pork a little dry. But I still ate the pork taco in its entirety.

I also ended up scraping the bottom of the plastic container holding the mild salsa. The hot salsa was good too, but hot enough that I had to exhibit restraint when applying it to a taco. The mild sauce I poured over each with wanton abandon, at least until I ran out of it.

Next time, I’ll eat there. They’ve got a few tables and also free Wi-Fi.

Sanchez Mexican Food, 65 S. Glenwood, open 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Tuesday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

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