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‘Extreme skiing’ indeed. PHOTO: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

‘Extreme skiing’ indeed. PHOTO: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

JH makes Fodor’s list

Fodor’s annual Go List Of 2015’s Top Destinations includes Jackson Hole. The expansive list covered international hotspots like Patagonia, Paris and, yes, Cleveland. Still, we were the only North American ski resort town to make the grade.

“The birthplace of extreme skiing has character in spades, with a cool Western vibe and funky arts and après-ski scenes unlike anywhere else in the U.S.A.,” wrote Arabella Bowen, Fodor’s editor-in-chief .

Bruin ruin gains traction

Fans of Bear 760 clamored for justice in the days following the famous grizzly’s demise. Now, weeks later, a nationwide campaign has netted 114,828 signatures and counting.

The Care2 petition was authored by Richard Spratley and signed by online bear lovers from as far away as Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Thailand and Germany. In fact, a quick scan of the cyber petition turned up no one from Wyoming or Idaho or Montana.

Flordia and Wyoming see eye to eye?

Florida is following Wyoming’s lead on Medicaid expansion. K2 Radio in Casper and a few Florida papers are running news that is gaining anti-Medicare traction (70 percent of state residents are opposed, according to a Florida-based poll) “once state residents are made aware” that Obamacare’s affordable health care coverage is being made with $716 billion in Medicare cuts to seniors.

Critics contend the facts are exaggerated. Mead claims that expanding Medicaid would “put at risk critical investments for roads, school and public safety.”

Prescription filled with lead

Wyoming looked a lot like the Sunshine State last weekend when a pharmacist gunned down a would-be robber. The Cheyenne Eagle Tribune reported a man entered the Medicap Pharmacy in Cheyenne demanding narcotics while brandishing a toy pistol. The pill-sorter then pulled a real revolver and popped the suspected robber once in the chest.

The bullet missed vital organs and the suspect is expected to survive. A Facebook post by the police department displayed overwhelming support for the pharmacist.

“This is why I carry NO MATTER where I go (where it is lawful) excellent job pharmacist,” wrote one user.

“Way to go pharmacist,” said another. “Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their property against criminals.”

Wyoming not horsing around

Although Wyoming has hundreds of outstanding lawsuits on the books, state officials took aim at feds yet again last week, filing federal suit against the Department of Interior for their inability to control wild horse populations.

“It is my belief, and the belief of other western governors, that the BLM does not have the resources to manage wild horses effectively,” Mead was quoted as saying in a story originally printed by the Star Tribune and picked up by most wild horse advocate groups. “By filing suit, it sends a message that wild horse management is a priority and the BLM must be provided the funding necessary to manage them.”

Edita Birnkrant, spokeswoman for Friends of Animals, said she was shocked by Wyoming’s lawsuit seeking to remove more wild horses from the state. “It’s just mind-boggling, after the egregious roundup that just happened a few months ago, the idea that Wyoming thinks that they’re not doing enough to roundup wild horses, is just nothing short of insanity,” she said.

Chin up… off

She bit his face off. Practically.

Lola Brush’s beatdown of boyfriend Joe Byron began with a baseball bat and two snow shovels. It allegedly ended with part of Byron’s chin between the teeth of Brush. Attempts to reassemble Byron’s face were unsuccessful. He will need plastic surgery. She will need a lawyer.

We read the gruesome tale in numerous freak news story sections across the country.

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