Well, that happened: Cuddle up to 2015

By on December 31, 2014

Dry your 2014 tears, sweet baby. PHOTO: FOTOLIA.COM

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Right now, at this very moment, you are experiencing something difficult. Something that has been sucking your time and energy from you. It could be a financial worry or a physical hang up or even an open wound you’re trying to mend with a friend or family member. Whatever it is that’s irritating you, it demands your attention like a mosquito bite begging to be scratched.

Don’t worry. This column hasn’t transformed into some horoscopic advice platform dictated by the alignment of planets and stars. But at the year’s end, it seems we’re all on the brink of either cracking under our own pressures or are inspired to flip a switch and change everything for the better.

Well, 2014 happened.

And here we are on our own individual paths for self-betterment. We’re keen on detaching the chains that drag us down. We may not share the same resolutions, if any, but we all tend to be on a similar plane of crossed out 4s replaced with 5s and mutterings that we just cannot believe that it’s already 2015. Some of us will have to renew debit cards or passports. Others will have to resign a lease or search for a new home. The class of 2005 will have high school reunions. And 10 years from now, a trivia question will ask us to return to remember who won Best Actress.

Like it or not, time passes with or without us. This could be the year that a parent passes away or your dog mothers a litter of puppies. You could become an aunt or an uncle, or, expectantly, a parent to your son or daughter. Each month that passes is one month closer to Christmas, and come Halloween you will once again roll your eyes that Kmart has stocked plastic pine trees next to the motion-sensor-equipped gravestone.

I mention all of this because we give so much meaning to what has happened and what will happen. Our goals (or lack thereof) linger before us like those floaties you see when you press your eyes shut for too long. Every time we try to focus on them, they skitter away into the periphery, impossible to catch.

For this week, my editor suggested I write about 2014’s pop culture highlights. And while I could harp on the disappointing “How I Met Your Mother” series finale, or how “All About That Bass” was this year’s “Thong Song,” I wanted to touch upon the all-too-forgotten fact that we’re all in the same boat. By some weird twist of fate, we somehow endured all that 2014 had to offer and came out gasping for air. And, as with every year, we see 2015 as a shining beacon of a hopeful future that is as youthful and glorious as 2014 was.

It won’t be long before we learn that 2015 was more attractive when we were drunk and wounded from our messed up relationship with 2014, and the closer we look, the more flaws we see. And ultimately we will find ourselves snuggled up next to 2015 at 4 a.m., unable to sleep because 2015 is snoring too loud and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. And just when you’re about to drift off, some asshole is plowing the street outside and an orange light flashes across your ceiling.

Thanks to 2014, we are all experiencing something difficult. I’m far too clever to compare my crap with yours or even attempt to understand what your crap is all about, but as we move away from “well, that happened” and into “well, this might happen,” I just want to point out that we’re still here. You and me. Time passes beneath us like a treadmill and we need each other to help control the speed.

Despite our flaws, we manage. And 2015 might be the abusive boyfriend or girlfriend we didn’t ask for, but it could also be the love of our life. Just make sure you use protection.

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