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By on January 13, 2015

‘Winter Roses’ by Camille Davis.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Jackson Hole natives share certain discernible traits. Some point to a distinct nonchalance and a lack of urgency, which many of us transplants mimic for years before true mastery. Others might say it’s a small-town softness, a level of approachability.

Another virtue common among the indigenous Jackson Hole species, particularly among its young populace, is an inexhaustible creative streak. In a tight-knit community that fosters art and creativity, it is not often that one encounters a young Jacksonite who isn’t nourishing their artistic hankerings in some way or another. This is why the new art exhibit, “Born and Bred,” holds special merit.

Conceived by former Rose curator and Center of Wonder executive director Lyndsay McCandless, “Born and Bred” illuminates more than 20 young artists born and/or raised here. Local artist Camille Davis is a co-curator of the show.

“Similar to any small community in the middle of nowhere, as kids we had to find stuff to do, and for a lot of us that was being creative,” explained Davis, whose work also hangs in the show.

A mélange of both undiscovered and rising names, “Born and Bred” showcases artists such as Amy Dowell, Mark and Wade Dunstan, Scotty Craighead, Olaus Linn, Owen Ashley, Emily Paul and Remy Milosky, to name just a few.

Local scribe and thespian Andrew Munz, who authors The Planet’s weekly pop-culture column, “Well, That Happened,” (page 14), will make his art show debut. Munz, Davis explained, is adding fine art sensibilities to his writings by framing hand-written stories in a unique way.

So what fuels so many young artists here, more so than, say, in small-town Nebraska (surely a lovely place)?

“In general nature creates an optimal platform for creativity,” Davis noted. “Whether it’s on a level of being inspired through what you see and feel while you’re immersed in nature, or experiencing it on the level of breathing healthy fresh air, and having the quietness of nature calm your mind and give way to a solid creative state of being.

“The energy of this town and its people create a very supportive platform for young artists.”

‘Born and Bred,’ 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday at The Rose. Free.

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