COSMIC CAFE: Q: Am I an old soul or a new soul?

By on January 20, 2015

012115cosmic.leadThe big picture

Souls are ageless. They are pure awareness on a journey of experiences through the infinite cosmos. Souls can link up with a physical or energetic form and incarnate in universes, galaxies, star systems, planets and dimensions of reality. If the universe is indeed holographic, as some scientists now theorize, then souls also incarnate simultaneously in more than one reality and in many locations in the universe.

Here and now

Back here on Earth, where we are now focused, the term “old soul” only refers to someone whose soul has incarnated on Earth in this physical human reality many, many times. Souls who have been elsewhere in the cosmos and have recently begun incarnating in this human experience are considered “new souls.”

How many Earth lives you’ve had is not a reflection of intelligence, wisdom, or of your spiritual evolution. What we do with each life defines the rest of our experience here, and contributes to our evolution, or not. A soul with many lives here can still lack wisdom, and a soul new to this world can be among the most brilliant.

Four clues you are an old soul

1. You have a gut feeling that you’ve been around this block a long time, regardless of your current age or life circumstances.

2. You are intuitively aware of the complexities of the human psyche.

3. You have a sense of inner fatigue/frustration that humanity never seems to evolve.

4. You have a strong attraction to and/or distaste for specific periods of human history (because likely you have had lifetimes during those eras).

There are two special challenges for old souls. First, is to keep an open mind and a compassionate heart, rather than developing a jaded and impatient, “why bother” or a “know it all” attitude toward life. Second is to be fully in the present right now, because every moment is new. Looking in the rear view mirror to move forward doesn’t work.

Four clues you are a newer soul

1. You do not have deep attachments to or interest in human history (for good reason, you haven’t been here)!

2. You don’t get why people behave as they do, and you’re often confused/taken aback by how people act.

3. You have an inherent lightness of being, and don’t get why people are so heavy and serious.

4. You are very bright, but have a certain naivete about how things work here.

There also are two special challenges for new souls. First is learning how life works here without pretending to know it all or thinking you are stupid. Second is to engage fully in exploring the human experience while maintaining the natural clarity and lightness of being of your soul. There’s no need to get heavy in order to fit in.

Which are you?

Feel your own energy and observe the energy of others. Discern who seems to be an old or a newer soul to earthly incarnation. Use the insight to understand yourself and others in a new light and with greater compassion.

Carol Mann is a longtime Jackson resident, radio personality, former Grand Targhee owner and author.

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