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Unfortunately, it’s true. Cathy Beloeil says she will close down Café Boheme at the end of May when her lease is up. Unless, that is, she can find a suitable space by then.

The good news is business has never been so good as it has been these past few months. Locals have been loyal, rallying to the cause, and tourists are raving about the café on Internet review sites like Yelp and the like. (Try the crepes, say in-the-know foodies).

Café Boheme has quietly and steadily improved since Ruth Ann Petroff sold the old Hard Drive Café to Beloeil. Petroff was dogged by threats of lawsuits for using a name similar to Hard Rock Café (oh brother) and finally concentrated on the java joint’s most promising liquid asset: the Snake River Roasting coffee. Beloeil tweaked the ambience, bolstered the kitchen, and built Café Boheme into a popular west side haunt.

Now that may all come to an end, and that would be a shame.

“Travelers from all over the U.S. always tell me that they want me to move to their town and open a Café Boheme there,” Beloeil said. “They tell me that Jackson is lucky to have such a place, and I know my regulars feel the same way. I think it would be tragic to let it all go to waste and lose a business that is so important to the community.”

Beloeil says she is looking for a restaurant space, ideally something near her current location. A retail space could be retrofitted but Beloeil says she would have to take on an investor or partner to bankroll that. One venture that might work for Café Boheme would be for the coffee shop to become the exclusive incorporated eatery of a hotel. Beloeil says she is also open to a popup coffee shop at an existing dinner restaurant.

Barista Beloeil has been so busy at the café she hasn’t had much time to hunt down a new space. She’s looked into a few.

“Right now there are very few spaces available,” Beloeil said. “There’s Mojo’s (no parking, poor location), [old] Bubba’s (not up to code, very old building, wrong side of the street for morning business), Betty Rock (just signed a contract, I believe), or Cafe Bean (under contract).”

Beloeil has even considered running her operation out of a food truck but doesn’t know where she would park it. Help bail out Boheme. Email Cathy at

DISSTongueAlso endangered: Common courtesy in JH

A few weeks ago Planet Jackson Hole was made aware of a hit-and-run at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Weeks before that a similar complaint was registered via email. Details were sketchy and this columnist didn’t believe it a “news story” until the latest collision.

We also caught wind of several dogs-chasing-wildlife incidents. Forest officials have pleaded with pet owners to control their mutts and pick up after them for weeks now, finally enforcing a seven-day “timeout” on all dog activity in Cache Creek. A ban on dogs from the Farmer’s Market also is under consideration by town officials.

So this week, worthy of a “Diss,” as in disrespectful, are two unrelated epidemics that need immediate correction if we are to live together on the hills and dales of our micro-society here in Jackson Hole. Dogs and snowboarders are a lot alike. Both sleep on the couches and floors of Teton County homes. Both have a limited vocabulary.

OK, that’s a little harsh. Dogs aren’t that bad.

Actually, it’s not dogs that are to blame. It’s dog owners, of course. Too many dog owners do not put in the time and attention required to properly train their pet. When they aren’t trained, they act like animals. Too many pet owners also are under the false impression their dog is so cute and friendly and lovable. Who doesn’t enjoy being showered with slobbery kisses by a 120-pound Bernie with mud-caked paws and a “jumping up” problem?

Dog owners: You have a responsibility to train your pet to a level of obedience that he or she behaves at least as well mannered as a snowboarder. Preferably better. If that means you need to leash him, do it. If you want to let Fido run off-leash, he better be socialized to other dogs, kids and horses; and he should be rock-steady with following commands from a distance in the presence of wildlife. You are ruining it for the rest of us who put in the time with our pets.

Snowboarders: WTF, dudes? Not to blame every knuckle-dragger for the reckless behavior of a few, but the actions of some are besmirching riders everywhere. The latest example of a crash-and-dash came our way via a well-traveled Facebook posting from Bill Neeb who is none too pleased about an “A-hole on the snowboard” that blew through a ski lesson and struck his six-year-old daughter, breaking her tibia and fibula.

“You suck,” Neeb wrote. “[A]nd you are wanted. The police are looking for you, and so am I.”

The Facebook post drew scores of related collisions and close calls from others at JHMR. More security, more rules, more cameras are never the answer. Common courtesy is.

Bill Neeb’s six-year-old dauther was struck by a snowboarder leaving behind a broken tibia and fibula. (Photo credit: Bill Neeb)

Bill Neeb’s six-year-old dauther was struck by a snowboarder leaving behind a broken tibia and fibula. (Photo credit: Bill Neeb)

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