COSMIC CAFE: Question: Do pets reincarnate?

By on March 11, 2015

Q : Do pets reincarnate?

A: Yes! You know from your own experiences with pets that some dogs are just dogs, and some are way more than that. The same is true for other domesticated animals like cats, horses and birds, and an occasional wild animal that also becomes a special pet.

Animals do reincarnate. However, in general animals are in an evolutionary state, which involves being part of a group soul. The entire species has one group soul. For most animals, when an individual dies the soul of that animal is dispersed into all others of the same species.

However, when very close and loving bonds are made between an animal and its human companion, the animal develops a greater individual identity, which over time can be maintained at a soul level. This means that they disperse less of their individual soul at the end of each life. In subsequent lives, the specific animal can incarnate with its own more individuated soul intact. It can even attach its evolution to a specific human soul to be with that human soul over and over. The soul of a pet you have now may have been with you in a previous life.

Since animals have shorter life spans than ours, you can be with the soul of your pet more than once in your life right now. If you had a favorite pet, and if you feel an uncanny similar energy from a new pet, including that your new pet has the same unusual idiosyncrasies, it is likely that animal soul has come to be with you again in a different body.

You do not need a newborn puppy (kitten, colt or bird) to find your reincarnated best buddy. More individuated animal souls can link up with the physical body of a “group soul” dog (cat, horse, bird) of any age or breed. Often that pet will find you. Sometimes what seems like a random dog showing up on your “doorstep” is not random at all. Sometimes when you stop in at an animal adoption center with the idea of finding a new pet, the soul of your former pet will enter the body of a less individuated animal who is up for adoption and come right up to you so you take it home!

Lastly, when a special pet dies you can ask its soul to come back to you soon, if that is in its highest good. Then keep your heart open and on the look out! How will you know? You will “just know.”

Carol Mann is a longtime Jackson resident, radio personality, former Grand Targhee Resort owner, author, and clairvoyant. Got a Cosmic Question? Email

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