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Grand fire

The major fire that damaged several businesses in the Grand Teton Plaza made headlines throughout the state. We found coverage at KIDK and County10, which sent Chelsea Brentzel to the scene Sunday morning after a fire devastated six businesses including Chinatown, Habitat for Humanity, Teton Arms, 4A Engraving, Broadway Laundry, and El Metate restaurant. The cause of the fire is still under investigation but the latest update from Teton County reports that county officials believe the fire started outside of the Habitat portion of the building.

Earth day downer

Disappointing news on Earth Day from WalletHub. The personal finance website ranked Wyoming in the top 10 for “Least Eco-Friendly State” this year.

WalletHub used 14 key metrics that indicate a healthy environment, or lack thereof. Wyoming particularly missed the mark in percentage of municipal solid waste recycled, gasoline consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per capita.

The Cowboy State fared above average, however, in number of “green” (LEED certified) buildings, percentage of people not driving to work, and percentage of energy consumption from renewable sources.

Scale the Grand in comfort

WyoFile’s heads-up on the latest Grand Teton National Park feature: eClimb the Grand.

Kelsey Dayton’s “Climb the Grand Teton from your couch” headline was an eye-catcher. Her lede was also engaging.

“Not up for the winter conditions? Not skilled or physically fit enough for rock climbing? Far away from the mountain? It doesn’t matter. You can spot the hand-holds in the chimneys, look down on 2,000 feet of open air ending in rocks and scan the entire valley from the summit via Grand Teton National Park’s newest virtual field-trip,” Dayton wrote.

The virtual climb takes users up the Owen-Spalding at

A lot to howl about

The Great Falls Tribune was one of many news outlets interested in carrying the news that Wyoming was home to one of the largest wolf packs in the country. A total of 24 wolves were counted in the Lava Mountain Pack in the Gros Ventre Wilderness. That’s nine more than any other pack surveyed this year in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington or Oregon, according to federal wildlife officials.

Wyoming’s largest wolfpack. (Photo by Franzfoto)

Wyoming’s largest wolfpack. (Photo by Franzfoto)

Sad news week

Social media sites were abuzz with crashes and tragedy last week. Local Facebookers were treated to endless videos and still shots of the massive pileup on I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie. No one was killed, thankfully. Another multi-vehicle crash followed days later.

Death was the result for four Teton Valley residents, though. Teton Valley News reported on the plane crash that claimed the lives of A.J. Linnell, Andy Tyson, Russell “Rusty” Cheney and part-time Teton Valley resident John H. Short who was the pilot. The men were flying to Diamond D Ranch to look into a solar/wind power installation.

Social media also included the sad news that Billy Frank had taken his life while at University of Wyoming. Frank was the son of Jackson town councilman Don Frank. News&Guide journalist Emma Breysse handled the news report respectfully yet still received harsh criticism from some online commenters who called the item disrespectful. It is virtually impossible for a small town newspaper to come off as anything but callous when reporting these types of stories.

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