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Devil in the details
Many online junkies fell for the Photoshopped cloud formation over Devils Tower recently. The photo features Wyoming’s iconic bucking horse and rider logo drifting lazily over the states equally iconic tourist attraction. It was too good to believe.

We traced the photo back to a member (e2e4) of WunderPhotos ( The user posted the shot on April 1, 2010. That should be a clue. He or she also posted a shot of the Devils Tower sky prior to digital pixel herding.

Another hot pocket secret under YNP
Didn’t we just do this? A new report from researchers with the University of Utah states the magma chamber underneath Yellowstone is larger than previously thought. The news follows similar findings last year, but this is different and bigger.

The new area lies 12 miles underground, below the shallower, well-known magma chamber.

The study’s coauthor, Robert Smith, used a geologic CT scan to discover the new reservoir. It is reportedly filled with a mass of hotporousrock,rather than the typical magma. He says the new finding solves a puzzle of the Yellowstone volcano system. The deeper porous rock chamber feeds the magma reservoir which in turn fuels the surface geysers, mudpots and hot springs we see every day in the park.

Smith further assuredthe giant reservoir still does not indicate any more imminent threat of the big one.

The right Stripes lead to Jack(son)
Casper Star-Tribune reporter Brendan Meyer is a lousy gambler. Anyone with half a brain should have made the educated guess that Jackson would be the place in Wyoming that Jack White would perform his unannounced instate acoustic show.

Meyers April 26 piece began with his quest to score tickets to Whites concert series that involved $3 acoustic shows in states where hes never played. White played Anchorage, Alaska and Boise, Idaho, last Monday and Wednesday. With Wyoming likely up next, Meyer seemed well positioned, geographically, to be able to hop in the car and get a jump on the expected line for tickets.

Maybe it would be Laramie, Meyer wrote. Boise and Anchorage are college towns, so maybe White was doing the college circuit. Jackson? Its a popular tourist destination. Casper? Right in the middle of the state. Or what about Gillette or Sheridan, towns he could play before a possible visit to the Dakotas?
News flash, Meyer: No way on earth it was ever going to be Casper. Gillette would draw too many roughnecks and a Sheridan show would have to be outdoors its calving season. Laramie, maybe, but a betting man would have bee-lined straight for Jackson.

Meyers made the show but not after ratting out JHMR lifty Anna Larson who ditched work to stand in line.

Sad movies are fattening
Food Networks disclosure that moviegoers eat more during a sad movie than, say, a comedy probably comes as no surprise to comfort eaters. Lab tests pitting the comedy Sweet Home Alabama against tearjerker Love Story found the latter viewers consumed 28 percent more popcorn than the former. In actual theatre’s, evidence points to double that disparity.

The story had local interest only in the fact that Jackson Hole nutritionist Mary Ryan, RD was featured as the smart snacking expert.

Down on (or with) Wyoming?
Pulptastics 17 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Wyoming was eye-catching. We caught it being shared on Facebook by some locals. It took a while to figure out whether it was Wyoming Tourism Offices biggest campaign fail, or an ingenious plot to ease the housing shortage in Jackson Hole.

Among the highlights: The locals are ill-tempered and agitated; If you’re looking for stress, you’ll find it in Cody, Wyoming; Theres honestly nothing to do; Sheridan: where the10-gallon hats are about five gallons short; Grand Targhee slopes are no place for ski-lovers; Devils Tower is U.G.L.Y.; and, finally, this is where mother nature went to throw up.

Thirst quenching news
The Chicago Tribune ran a story about a story in Crains Chicago Business, which was quoting research by We admit not reading enough into the piece to get the general gist of it but we did learn something interesting. Jackson has one of the highest bartender-to-boozer ratios in the nation with 8.3 mixologists per 1,000 residents. Key West was the highest at 13.3.

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