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By on May 6, 2015

Photos by Matt Lancaster

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – The in-between nature of the seasons allows for a myriad of sports and activities during the cold, early mornings and the warm middle of the day. The highlights of these pursuits lie in the inherent lifestyle they provide. Lifestyle, in essence, is something accessible to anyone, regardless of her skills in her sport of choice. Lifestyling is what I call the act of what someone does while hanging around the actual activity without actually participating in the activity at all. It is typical for the user to wear the intended gear of the sport while lifestyling. The following information includes some lifestyle sports in Jackson available to anyone regardless of her actual ability in the sport:

1. The yoga lifestyle. From what I have seen, yoga lifestyling typically occurs post-yoga classes. Oftentimes, people chat outside, either in the middle of doorways or sidewalks to calmly discuss their present moment with prolonged eye contact and a peaceful-looking face. Yoga lifestylers can be observed eating raw food at Lotus Cafe or getting their daily health fix at Healthy Being Juicery. I am aware that this may sound stereotypical but lets be realistic. Has anyone ever craved a tallboy beer and hamburger post yoga? I swear this lifestylebrainwashes me to strive to be as healthy as possible.Yoga lifestylers are typically calm and pleasant to be around, so this is a great sport for those seeking refuge from high-intensity atmospheres.

Getting-Out1-32. The ski lifestyle. This lifestyle seems to be long-lived in this town, as there are only a few months of the year where you cant partake in this activity. The skiing lifestyle typically entails discussing things that one has skied or discussing what one wants to ski in the future. Topics of conversation can also include new outfits for filming or new cameras for the digital world. Although the dress code may not always be comfortable, ski lifestylers can spend hours ingesting beer and other adult beverages. These folks love watching videos of themselves or others skiing throughout their down time, be it on a chair lift, in the parking lot or on the mountain. The best ski lifestyle Ive ever been a part of was when a chairlift stranger showed me an iPhone video of a video of them taking a big air.The ski lifestyle may be competitive and overwhelming for a lifestyler coming from other areas of enjoyment.

3. The climbing lifestyle. The climbing lifestyle most often occurs in the space a person plans to climb. These lifestylers enjoy eating profuse amounts of food, taping their hands and looking at their topographical maps. Another highly enjoyable aspect of this lifestyle is finding a comfortable place to lie amidst sharp rocks and boulders while waiting to climb. The enjoyment of this lifestyle is entirely dependent on an individuals inherent goals. Unavoidable downtime can always occur in the climbing realm, so the expert climbing lifestyler usually transforms this time through jokes, songs or sporadic poetry.

Getting-Out1-24. The surfing lifestyle. Yes, readers, Jackson is host to a variety of surfers. Although I lack beach surfer awareness, I have observed these folks waiting in line at Lunch Counter on the other side of the shore. These lifestylers seem very enthusiastic, helpful and chatty. Bromances often occur in this lifestyle through the swapping of surfboards and sharing of beers. I have heard the surfing lifestyle can be intense in other areas, but perhaps the friendliness here is due to the endless nature of a standing wave in the Snake River.

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