MUSIC BOX: Planet Party, EcoFairs earth and ear friendly jams

By on May 6, 2015

music-boxJackson Hole, Wyoming – Saturdays EcoFair is all about the planet so much so it will have live music from local bands amplified by a solar-powered PA system. The Wonderlands start the tunes with a set at 12:15 p.m. on Saturday, followed by a two-set jam by Lazy Eyes from 1:45 until 5:00 p.m.

The Wonderlands are Rob Bass (guitar) and Alice Bever (vocals). The duet will be showcasing a variety of originals and covers at the EcoFair, but most compelling is the groups knack for writing custom songs for events. Rob explains that after writing a few songs for friends weddings he thought he could expand his skills to events, other people and businesses.

I really like writing songs about that kind of stuff, Bass said. Its fun.

His approach to songwriting with Bever is to start jamming some chords and then encourage her to start making stuff up, he said. Thanks to her lifelong acting background, she is able to quickly and confidently improvise her way through lyrical concepts.

I sing as if acting out a part, she said. Every song is a chance to tell a micro story.

She used to view singing and acting as separate but now she sees a bridge, she said.

Transmitting the drama of a song to people is how you can connect.

For the EcoFair, the duet has written a song called R R R. They will also be featuring some songs with environmental themes.

Lazy Eyes is a seven-piece party band that performs familiar rock songs with great enthusiasm. They have played the Under the Tram music series at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Moose hockey games and even house parties. The group won second-place for best cover band in the 2015 Planet Readers Poll.

Most important is the bands light-hearted attitude, however.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, Bass player Rob Bacani said with a laugh. If you take yourselves too seriously thats when the infighting begins.

JH_MUSIC_The-WonderlandsEven the way the band came together was casual. Guitarist Steve Whitney started learning the instrument and got together with co-worker Bacani to develop a short song list. Next, and without asking, Bacani started putting up sound-proofing rugs in roommate Joe McGarryss unfinished basement and then forced him to learn drums. Soon after, they pulled in Sean Stitt on guitar to help advance the jams. Music teacher Jens Gade happened to live across the street, heard all the commotion and wanted in. Kyle Tranby was then added to help out on drums and guitar.

A perfect drunken storm was brewing in Victor, Idaho.

We know we aren’t the best technical band in town but we don’t care, Whitney said. Having fun is a good mantra for us.

Bacani was surprised when someone actually wanted them to play for money. When their front man Joe Foster left town they recruited vocalist Corey Jennings.

At the try-outs she really stepped up to the mic and started belting it out, Bacani said. The band said, Damn and she was in.

Jennings is looking forward to singing Piece of My Heart and Fat Bottom Girls.

Its so fun, she said. The guys are so nice.

The EcoFair is a perfect chance this off season for people of all ages to rally and enjoy some quality live music at an inspiring community event.

EcoFair, music by The Wonderlands and Lazy Eyes At the base of Snow King Mountain, 12 5 p.m., Saturday, $5 suggested donation, hosted by Energy Conservation Works.

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