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What an utter train wreck opening day on the forest was. Zealous horn hunters managed to capsize boats (twice), start forest fires and drown a horse. In past years, these weekend warriors have engaged in fistfights, crashed ATVs and even managed to gore a horse when it fell under an overloaded rack pack.

Yahoos in Little Horse Creek lit a shuck from their still-burning campfires to get a jump on the competition for horn. One unattended campfire in a crummy rock ring jumped out and prompted Bridger-Teton officials to call Engine 3 into action on the first day of May. Forest Service personnel also located and doused a few more warming fires before the end of the day.

East of Kelly, numbskulls tried to cross a swift-moving Gros Ventre River in a flat-bottomed jon boat. That didnt work out so well. The boat carrying five people capsized during the attempt, sending three survivors swimming to the other side while the other two were swept downstream. Grand Teton Park Rangers rescued the two while the swimming trio managed to build a fire to warm up, and then tried re-crossing the river to return to camp. That didnt work out so well, either. They dumped again and had to swim for their lives. In a separate incident, other river crossers stranded themselves on the cliffs in the Gros Ventre area.

The weekends only fatality involved a packhorse that lost its footing in the Gros Ventre River and drowned. Rangers spent Saturday searching for the carcass so it wouldn’t attract bears. Thats all these wannabe outdoorsmen need is a few predators thrown into the mix. They can barely keep themselves alive.

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Hes the legend you never heard of. Hes an innovator and the grandfather of the modern day jump shot. And hes a Wyoming product.

Kenny Sailors was born in Nebraska but made his way to the University of Wyoming in the 1940s. Sailors is still the only player in the history of Wyoming Cowboys basketball to be selected as an All-American three times in 1942, 1943 and 1946. He helped the Pokes to a national championship in 1943 with a shot he invented out of necessity. A shot that couldnt be stopped. A shot most opponents thought illegal.

At 5 feet 10 inches tall, Sailors learned the only way he could get a shot past his 6-foot-4-inch brother, Bud, was to leap into the air and release the ball at the pinnacle of his jump. Until then, players launched bricks while standing flatfooted. The new methodology was unstoppable for a while. Sailors went on to a five-year pro career where he scored a total of 3,480 points.

Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story, is ashortbiopic directed, produced and editedby Jacob Hamilton. Hamilton recently won this years WyomingShortFilm Contest. The film was shot entirely on location in Wyoming. The Austin, Texas cinematographer was awarded $25,000 toward finishing the film into a full-length feature.

This is the eighth year the Wyoming Short Film Contest has recognized independent filmmakers whose work celebrates Wyoming.

“Everyone Ive collaborated with in Wyoming has been so kind and welcoming to the art of film, Hamilton said. Ive made many lifelong friends throughout the making of this film, which gives me plenty of excuses to come back and visit this beautiful state for leisure, but hopefully for more work someday.”

PROPSFistbumpWell, that didnt happen
Holy camoly, everyone seems to have an instant opinion on the Skyline Tunnel and exactly where it should go. Everyone in the Skyline and Bar Y subdivisions anyway.

Friends of Pathways (FOP) had a tunnel all set to go that would allow Skyliners to hop on Path22. Former Wyoming House Rep. Pete Jorgensen threw a wrench into the works when he approached county leaders at a recent meeting claiming a move of the tunnel, or a move of the pathway itself, could save the county more than a half-million dollars. To paraphrase commissioner Mark Newcomb, that perked some ears.

Jorgensen may have a dog in the fight. He lives in Skyline. Saving money is always a top priority for local government but opponents of the cost-cutting measure warn a relocation of the proposed tunnel would jeopardize pathway users.

FOP leadership seems none too happy about the eleventh hour reevaluation.

“Path22 redesign could delay completion significantly, the organization said on their website. The commissioners are setting a bad precedent by considering any change at this point in time. Placement of the Skyline Tunnel is specific to the safety needs of that neighborhood.”

Social media users were less restrained in their opposition.

“This relocation is really lame and doesnt seem well thought out at all, said Renee Schaiman Glick, Skyline HOA board member, on Facebook where she rallied support for sticking with the original plan. The tunnel was planned for the eastern side, which benefited the development (Bar-Y) across the highway. It kept everyone safe and it was also out of sight. With the western side, where it is currently being proposed, it would put everyone in danger, [it would] be more visible, and have no benefit for the development across the highway. Do [they] realize how busy our entrance really is? What are the electeds thinking? Clearly, they are not thinking.”

Commissioners decided to stay with the original location of the Skyline tunnel during their meeting Monday.

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