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Roll on, Alabama

KMTN radio celebrity Mark Fishman posted pics of Alabama’s frontman Randy Owen as he stopped by to play for the St. Jude Moonlight on the Mountains Gala at Hotel Terra on Saturday. Owen had just played Cheyenne Frontier Days before dropping by the fundraiser in Jackson.

Better bourbon

Wyoming Whiskey is getting better. Larry Olmsted wrote up the local hooch for Forbes last week, claiming: “There is something cool about the notion of good bourbon from the heart of the Wild West, and just for its rugged uniqueness and attractive bottle, would make a good gift for the whiskey lover who has seen it all. But it also tastes great.”

Olmsted said he tried the whiskey a few years ago while skiing at JHMR. “I wanted to like it, I tried it, it was just okay, and I moved on,” he wrote. But the bourbon has aged well in the past couple of years and Olmsted is not alone in noticing.

Heinie hoax eyed in Casper

The story is 100 percent bunk. But that doesn’t help Wyoming’s reputation much after scores of Internet users were duped by the weird and wacky tale making the rounds in The Onion, Reddit and other online sources.

According to the fake story, Roy Tilbott, 51, was stopped by Casper police for suspicion of drunk driving. During the field sobriety test, several eyeballs fell out of his pant leg. Authorities found 30 total eyes in Tilbott’s anal cavity. Tilbott quickly explained the peeper smuggling, claiming he swiped them from his job at a meat packing plant because he enjoys munching on them like popcorn while driving.

“I enjoy eating bovine eyeballs and smuggling them out in my colon was the only way I knew how to get them out without potentially getting caught and fired,” Tilbott allegedly said.

Boy Scouts embrace gays

Boy Scout leaders in Wyoming don’t expect a recent decision to allow gay adults to lead troops to affect membership in the Cowboy State. The 45-12 vote on Monday by the Boy Scouts of America National Executive Board lifts the ban on openly gay adults from leading scouts.

Robert Quintana, president of the Boy Scouts’ Greater Wyoming Council, told the Casper Star-Tribune he hasn’t heard of any parents who plan to pull their boys out of Scouting because of the decision. He also said he was unaware of any gay people who wanted to become leaders.

Blowing up California

Could Wyoming come to the rescue of California? The Golden State has struggled with consistency in its renewable energy program. A University of Wyoming report released Monday suggested Wyoming’s wind power might be the perfect answer.

The reason is wind patterns in Wyoming dovetail nicely with those of California. In Wyoming, winds blow more during the winter and afternoon. California’s windy times are summer and night.

The study compared wind patterns at California wind farms to those at sites with wind potential in Wyoming. Denver-based Anschutz Corp. plans to export electricity to California, according to a story in the Casper Star-Tribune.

Bronc baller seeks college

Jackson football standout Theo Dawson is attracting national attention well before his graduation date from Jackson Hole high School. Dawson told the Casper Star-Tribune he has visited several colleges already, looking for the best fit.

The 6’2”, 222-pound running back/linebacker hopes to lead the Broncs to a state championship this fall. Dawson knows Wyoming gridders don’t typically get much play at bigger sports universities but he’s holding out hope someone notices him.

“Being from Wyoming, where we only have a certain number of kids who play football, it takes some time for me to really get out there, get the exposure, get the credibility I need for these schools to realize that I’m a legit player,” he told the Casper paper.

Dawson’s father, Ted, played for BYU.

July snow surprise

“This pattern should not happen in July,” was the comment from the National Weather Service Office in Billings on Monday when a severe cold front blanketed upper elevations with snow in the Jackson Hole area.

The Washington Post and Action News 5 in Memphis, Tenn., were at least two media outlets giddy about the unusual weather event. At Action News, weatherman Andrew Kozak shared his surprise: “My first stint in local TV was at the ABC affiliate in Casper, Wyoming. I have fond memories of visiting Jackson Hole in the summer and I remember it being warm enough to walk around in shorts.”

Piñata plane crash

ABC News reported a small plane crashed July 21 in Star Valley near Afton. The wreck killed Brad Lefevre, 22, and Chad Burton, 64, both of Afton.

The plane had been dropping candy on an LDS church gathering in a local park. It crashed about five miles northwest of Afton. The NTSB is investigating the cause of the single-engine Aeronca 7BCM crash. PJH

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