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Kool Thing

Punk rocker Kim Gordon, who co-founded Sonic Youth in the 1980s in New York City, was spotted in town last weekend. Buckrail ran her Instagram post on their website but it’s highly unlikely they recognized the rock star.

Gordon got snapped in two of Jackson’s obligatory photo ops: in front of an elk arch and on a Cowboy Bar saddle/stool. Her Instagram fans are way hip and entertaining.

kermitphoto100: [elk antler arch] Hey Kim … Are you here in Jackson now? Let’s grab coffee and high five each other in front of these stupidly beautiful mountains!

rootofamnesia: [Cowboy Bar] Dude, if I walked in and saw that I would shat myself.

Fans can follow Gordon on Instagram at kimletgordon.

(Credit: Jackie Skaggs, GTNP)

(Credit: Jackie Skaggs, GTNP)

Into thin air

Plein Air for the Park 2015 set new heights for the Park Service this year. The nationally recognized art event drew record numbers and raised more than $100,000 in proceeds to support multiple Grand Teton National Park programs.

The jointly organized exhibition, co-hosted by the Grand Teton Association (GTA) and Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters (RMPAP), attracted more than 40 professional artists who spent two weeks in the park creating open-air paintings of the inspiring Teton landscape and its native wildlife. A total of 85 paintings sold, with 40 percent of the sales going to fund educational, interpretive, and research programs sponsored by GTA in support of Grand Teton.

 “We’re excited to have raised $100,000 for the park through this fun and festive event, and we’re thrilled that Plein Air for the Park has grown for the fourth year in a row,” said Jan Lynch, GTA executive director.

FBI alert in Wyoming

Channel 4 News, a CBS TV affiliate in Denver, reported an FBI alert for Colorado and Wyoming concerning military families being harassed by Middle Eastern men.

On at least two separate occasions in Greeley, Colo., and Cheyenne, family members of servicemen were under surveillance by unknown men and questioned in an accusatory manner. In one case last May, two Middle Eastern males approached the wife of a military member in front of her home. The men accused the woman of being married to a U.S. interrogator. She denied their claims and the men reportedly laughed. The two men left the area in a dark-colored, four-door sedan with two other Middle Eastern males in the vehicle.

We found the story posted on Drudge Report.

Another suicide in TV

Teton Valley News has confirmed the death of a 33-year-old man on Highway 33 near mile marker 121 about three miles from the Madison County border on Aug. 9. Idaho State Police and the Teton County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the incident, which is being classified as a suicide.

A Facebook post by Blaine Baldwin described the gruesome scene. “I just saw a dead body!” Baldwin wrote. “Just north of Tetonia Hoops Ranch in the middle of the road. Cops everywhere, blood, the whole works!!!”

Investigators say the man likely died by a self-inflicted gunshot. He is not believed to be a resident of the county. No other information was available at press deadline.

Bee in her bonnet

Mary Centrella will discuss her research on honeybees, colony collapse disorder, and the importance of wild bees to agriculture during a Harlow Summer Seminar Thursday. The talk will take place at the AMK Ranch research center in GTNP.

Centrella is a Jackson Hole High School and University of Wyoming graduate. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in zoology at Cornell University.

The world relies on bees to pollinate 35 percent of global crops but in recent years bees have been disappearing, dying off, or “beehaving” irrationally. In 2009, American honeybee keepers reported colony losses as high as 90 percent. Scientists are still trying to understand what factors like habitat loss, pesticide use and inadequate floral resources are driving the phenomena. PJH

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