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Food, art, music coalesce at Lockharts

Affordable eats, live music and art displays make this farm to table event at Lockhart Ranch a unique culinary experience. (Credit: Lockhart Ranch)

Affordable eats, live music and art displays make this farm to table event at Lockhart Ranch a unique culinary experience. (Credit: Lockhart Ranch)

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Every day hundreds of drivers zoom by an open field on Highway 89 without thinking twice. That expanse is part of the Lockhart Ranch, one of the valley’s oldest working cattle ranches.

On Saturday, you can do more than just learn about the ranch, but actually experience it at a farm-to-table dinner.

The event, in its second year, features a menu with grassfed Lockhart beef and four vegetarian sides. If someone doesn’t eat meat, they can still get a nice meal and enjoy a cool ranch party, said Ian McGregor, vice president of Slow Food in the Tetons board, which is sponsoring the event.

They will serve a wheat berry salad, which uses unground wheat grains cooked like rice. The wheat will come from Montana or Idaho.

“It’s an interesting way to use something that’s produced all over the West, but in an untraditional way,” McGregor said. “It’s also a great way to eat whole grains.”

The next course is a kale salad, featuring snap peas, and a variety of mixed greens.

They will also offer simple roasted potatoes in an herb sauce made from sorrel, a leafy green with a lemony-acidic flavor that grows well in the Jackson Hole region, McGregor said.

The final course is corn on the cob. McGregor’s roommate is from Indiana and his parents were coming to the area to visit with large empty duffel bags to help him move. The parents agreed to fill the empty bags with Indiana corn from their favorite grower.

“It’s not really local, but it has a great story,” McGregor said. “In this climate you can’t grow everything you are used to, but it’s about figuring the right time to eat it and creative ways to get it.”

In its second year, the dinner is meant to connect the community with local ranches and highlight the options for eating locally. It’s an important economy and people can support it, McGregor said.

“We want to establish the relationship between the land that produces food for us and the people that could be consuming it locally,” he said.

Farm to table dinners are not a new thing, but they often are expensive. At $35 a person, the dinner is meant to reach a different demographic.

“We want to get more people out there and have that same connection at a lower price tag,” he said.

The Lockhart Ranch is the perfect spot.

“It’s an iconic spot there and it reduces the mystery that much of the public feels about that huge open space,” he said.

After a leisurely dinner there will be an after party with beer from Snake River Brewing Company, music and lawn games.

“We don’t have enough of hoedown style parties around here,” McGregor said.

The evening is a chance to think about local food, but also about local art with Teton Artlab sponsoring the event.

Artlab artists and musicians The Canyon Kids will play with guest Pat Chadwick.

The Artlab is always looking for spaces and opportunities to share what it does in the community, said Artlab founder Travis Walker.

Last year the Artlab created an installation for the event. This year the event offers The Canyon Kids a place to play outside the studio. There also will be some work moved from the studio to the ranch.

But the real star of the party is the ranch itself, Walker said.

It is one of the most visible ranches in the valley. There is a beautiful old barn and stunning views of the Tetons.

“It almost is like a museum of ranching,” Walker said. “You feel like you are in the past a little bit, with the exception of the occasional John Deere tractor.”

Lockhart Ranch Roundup: A Farm to Table Dinner and after party, 6 to 8 p.m. for the dinner and 8 p.m. to midnight for the after party, Saturday, the Lockhart Ranch, 200 S. Highway 89, tickets are $35 online, $35 at the gate, $5 for the after party, or free with dinner ticket. PJH

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