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Y’all come back now

Maybe the Wyoming Office of Tourism should tone it down a little. J-Holers appear to have had just about enough of tourists this summer as the season winds down. We’re not alone, apparently, in our one-finger salute to out-of-state plates. Wyoming ranked disturbingly high in a Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. computation of tourist-related Tweets.

According to the private jet service, the Cowboy State (“No. 2 Least Welcoming”) feels downright angry toward visitors in general – ranking right up there with loud New Yorkers (No. 9), snobby Connecticut (No. 3), and standoffish Delaware (No. 1). What’s more is that Wyoming, New York and Nevada led all states in average vulgarity in tourist-related Tweets.

Interestingly, though, Wyomingites seem to know which side their bread is buttered on. The Equality State was nowhere to be found in the “Top 10 List of States That Just Want Tourists to Go Home.”

Them on loss

Recent tragedies in Wyoming were disheartening in hometowns across the U.S. One of the two women who died while climbing Teewinot recently, Catherine Nix, received a memorial article in her Port Chester, N.Y., hometown paper. Her climbing companion Tyler Strandberg received similar condolences from the News & Observer in Raleigh, S.C., where the headline proclaimed Strandberg the granddaughter of prominent South Carolina politician Jim Gardner.

“It is always sad when young lives so full of potential end far too early,” Gov. Pat McCrory said. “What makes this even sadder is that Tyler’s mother and Gardner are both valuable members of my administration. Please join us in praying for the Gardner and Strandberg families in this difficult time.”

Two others never made it to Jackson before they were killed in an auto accident 11 miles northwest of Farson on Aug. 24. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Alexander R. Greene, 23, and Benjamin K. Darneille, 21, were on their way to Jackson Hole after spending the previous eight weeks in summer residency at the Aspen Music Festival. Both men were students at Curtis Institute of Music and members of a brass quintet.

According to Wyoming highway Patrol, their vehicle struck an oncoming truck head on after veering from their lane.

Fed fete fails to deliver

The Kansas City Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole Symposium was a bit of a dud. Hopes fizzled that the Fed would use the forum to hint at any kind of interest rate direction. Jackson Hole has long been a venue for the Federal Reserve to tip off upcoming policy change.

However, chair Janet Yellen announced some time ago she would not be in attendance. Combined with a shaky bear market leading into the banking powwow, it became clear before last weekend began that no news would likely be forthcoming. MarketWatch was in great company with their weekend wrap up that included a “Hole” lot of nothing in a headline reading: “No clear path for Fed in September.”

The sold-out Jackson Hole Summit, a conservative counter-balance to the symposium, produced little drama as well, although Breitbart News raved about Jim DeMint’s keynote address. The president of the Heritage Foundation and former senator “rocked the house,” according to Breitbart’s Chriss W. Street.

Even an anticipated protest rally was less than inspiring. About 50 members of a group called Fed Up showed up with signs imploring the Fed to delay interest rate hikes, according to CNBC.

Bandit bear heads to zoo

It was a bear market all over last week. On Wall Street stocks were plummeting in a freefall triggered by China’s revaluation of its yuan. Meanwhile, a nuisance black bear that had eluded Park rangers for years was finally captured and shipped off to a South Dakota zoo.

The outlaw 12-year-old bear and her cub are currently in quarantine at the Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History in Sioux Falls. They join an exhibit that includes a 16-year-old male bruin.

The cagey sow made it a practice to raid campsites and accost visitors at String Lake in Grand Teton National Park. The stories of her escapades had reached near legend by the time she was caught.

Both US News & World Report and Rapid City Journal carried the news. PJH

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