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Doggone happy ending

Is there anything as uplifting as a lost pet returning home to its owner? People, Fox News and the Denver Post were just some of the major news outlets that felt an Australian Shepard’s ordeal in Yellowstone worthy of press coverage.

After a car accident in the nation’s first park, the 17-month-old Jade took off for the woods and could not be found. Jade’s owners, Laura Gillice and David Sowers, returned home to Denver without her. But Sowers, for one, would not give up. For weeks he would drive back up to Yellowstone and search the canyon area against his doctor’s advice. He suffered a broken wrist, broken ribs and a shattered kneecap in the car wreck.

Eyewitness reports that a dog was spotted off and on in the area where Sowers crashed bolstered his spirits. After six long weeks — 42 days in all — Sowers and Gillice were ready to give up. On what was likely their final trip to Yellowstone, Gillice said she saw a flash of black and white far off in a distant meadow. She asked someone nearby with binoculars if that was a deer or a dog.

“A dog,” they said.

Gillice called out Jade’s name. The dog came bounding and licked her master’s face.

“She’s skin and bones, but otherwise she seems perfectly fine,” Sowers told the Denver Post.

The couple assumes the dog eluded predators and got by on roadkill.

“She’s one tough little girl,” Gillice told People.

Ritzy ranch back on the market

“Price slashed by over 20 million,” read the Wall Street Journal headline.

That still left an asking price of $45.5 million for a Bondurant cabin in the woods. Once listed as one of America’s priciest property, the Little Jennie Ranch first received national notice in 2010 when it hit the market for a cool $69.5 million. That was up from the $55 million price tag hung on it in 2005 when it first debuted on The 3,000-acre ranch includes a cluster of outbuildings built in the 1950s.

“Though the ranch’s 11 log cabins present a rustic aesthetic, there’s a good reason [for the whopping price]. This is a working cattle ranch that doubles as a ritzy recreational paradise,” Curbed wrote in a November 2010 story titled: “It’s Baaack! The $70M Cabin With 3,000 acres.” “Good luck running next door for a cup of sugar. It’s more like a marathon,” joked Curbed.

We’re No. 1 – just don’t get sick over it

Wyoming received another distinction last week, this one not so great. According to WyoFile, Wyoming is the only state in the Union with a growing uninsured population.

“Before you shout, ‘We’re No. 1!’ and pat your lawmakers on the back, you need to know that we’re really No. 50 when it comes to providing the uninsured the chance to obtain health insurance,” wrote Kerry Drake in his latest column.

A new Gallup survey found Wyoming’s uninsured rate increased 1.6 percent from 2013 to 2015 – a time when most fellow countrymen signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Wyoming lawmakers’ staunch stance against Obamacare has left 18.2 percent of state residents without health coverage of any kind. Only Texas has more but they are reducing the number of their uninsured.

Wyoming: A Rivers runs through it

Wyoming got her last laugh. Joan Rivers’ ashes were scattered in the Equality State recently. Melissa Rivers, daughter of the legendary comedian, Tweeted photographs of the area where she laid her mother to rest.

“Coop [Melissa’s son, Cooper] and I took our annual family vacation to Wyoming,” Rivers told ET. “[The] first without my mom, and scattered some of her ashes there so we can still be together every August as a family.”

Frugal fall flying

A story on cheaper airfare through this fall included mention of Jackson Hole. The Times Record, serving western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, cited as the source of their claim that airfares are about 9 percent lower than they were at this time last year. That trend is expected to hold up through the fall months.

Almost buried in the story’s final paragraph is a mention of top destinations in the world as compiled by US News & World Report. San Francisco topped the list that included Paris, New York City and Melbourne, Australia. But Jackson Hole came in at a respectable No. 7. PJH

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