WELL, THAT HAPPENED: Jackson Hole grievances

By on September 8, 2015

A mash-up of TripAdvisor’s worst reviews of summer 2015

A happy family of tourists. Must have been the beginning of their trip. (Photo:  http://fdo-outfitters.tumblr.com/)

A happy family of tourists. Must have been the beginning of their trip. (Photo: http://fdo-outfitters.tumblr.com/)

Please enjoy snippets from various reviews of local businesses that have been sewn together in an effort to provide you, dear reader, with one collectively bad review of Jackson Hole.

I normally don’t write reviews, but this warranted my opinion.

We are from Raleigh, N.C. and wanted to see what a real western experience was like so we came to Jackson (the locals call it Jackson Hole). I am not overreacting when I say we had a TERRIBLE experience!!!

We went to Yellowstone first and, it was very, very hot, which is unusual according to the park rangers and visitor information. Our cabin had no AC and it was 100 degrees even with a fan; it did nothing but circulate hot air. The heat created an insomnia, which is not what you want while you are on vacation. Our cabin faced the parking lot and we found out that most of the cabins don’t have wilderness scenes, just the sound of the garbage truck picking up the trash. The Wi-Fi didn’t work and we had ZERO cell service there. Plus, the amount of visitors also creates a sense of chaos. I think I would have rather been in a tent and take my chances of being eaten by a bear.

It’s important for me to point out that we did not see any bears.

The limited affordable accommodation options left us without many options. We loved the fresh air and green forests of the Grand Teton, but our reservations, our cabin, the horseback riding activity, the food, the facilities and the customer service were all very disappointing. In our cabin, the “rustic” cabin floor was dirty and very sticky. Looks like the floor never got mopped or vacuumed. When we talked to the owner, he said that the mattress in the room was not on his spreadsheet to replace (which he tried to show me) and that hundreds of people slept there just fine.

The horses we rode on were both ill; one of us did not finish the tour because the horse was bucking and rearing as if she was in pain. This was not user error! After being told by the manager, “She can’t refund EVERYONE,” we were promised a small refund of $46. It took several reminders since mid-June and the check is not even in the mail yet!

We were told to go to [business redacted] for the best whitewater experience, and we ended up being very disappointed except for Lunch Table. Our family of five was supposed to be in an eight-man raft but they put us in a 14-man raft with other families. If we wanted to go rafting with other families we would have requested a bigger raft, but we wanted the eight-man raft. The woman at the desk said, “We switch people around all the time.” I didn’t want to say anything out of consideration of the other families. But Lunch Table was a very fun rapid and we didn’t fall out.

For dinner, we headed to [business redacted], which was recommended by a local person as THE place for steaks. We waited 20 minutes for someone to come and take a drink order and finished the drinks while waiting 40 more minutes to take our dinner order. Damn near got up and walked out. I know meat, (haha) and my elk was charred … no need to blacken elk medallions if it is tender! All five of us had tasteless meals that we could have made at home for 10 percent of the cost. Realizing this is a resort town and prices are expensive regardless, this place puts on a façade of being a high-end eatery, but honestly you’d get better service from some college kid working at Ruby Tuesday to pay for school.

We made sure to catch the [event redacted], which was really, really terrible. It reminded me of something my 10- and 12-year-old kids would put together with their friends and then say, “Mom, watch our show!” But it seems like some tourists (foreign) really enjoyed it!

Overall, for a city that makes its bread and butter with tourists’ money, the people are rude to visitors. I would never go back to this area again.

We will never return.

Never coming back here.


But the Teton is worth the trip. PJH

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