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150916TOU-1_399Griz shooter drops book

The Sierra Club reviewed JH photographer Thomas Mangelsen’s new coffee table volume in its online publication Sierra. The 230-page photobook called “Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek” is chockfull of shots of Yellowstone’s most iconic bear known as “399.”

Mangelsen has almost single-handedly made 399 an international star since researchers tagged and numbered the bruin in 2001. Local author and newspaper columnist Todd Wilkinson provided the book’s editorial.

The grizzly “399 is emblematic of the smart and savvy bear mother navigating the roadside, not because she loves it, but because that’s where there’s food,” Wilkinson told Sierra. “And she’s avoiding the areas where the boars [male bears] could be a threat to her cubs.”

Sierra is unabashedly hoping the release is well timed to sway decision makers to keep the grizzly listed as an endangered species.

150916TOU-2_bearinvadeBear break-in

Teton County Sheriff’s deputies probably won’t be mistaken for a professional photographer like Mangelsen, but they did have an occasion to “shoot” last week when they answered a 911 call about a black bear and her cub breaking into a private residence in Hog Island.

Wyoming Game and Fish removed the bears. The sow was eventually euthanized. The story ran in numerous national newspapers.


Brian Hultman finished what he started. The former Deputy County Attorney had competed in the grueling 206-mile LOTOJA bicycle race (from Logan, Utah to Jackson) nine times prior to what was to be his tenth and final race in 2013. With 70 miles to go, Hultman suffered a major stroke that ended his day and nearly his life.

A University of Utah medical team helped save Hultman’s life that day and gave him the best chance at a full recovery.

“This is cutting-edge stuff, only really offered at a few centers,” Hultman’s interventional neurologist, Dr. Michael Wilder, was quoted as saying in a University of Utah story called “Real Patients, real Stories: The Last LOTOJA.” “There were a lot of things that went right for him. We got him attention at the first hospital very fast and had him brought down to the University of Utah quickly where we had a team assembled and waiting.”

150916TOU-3_hultmanHultman finished that race last week, cruising the final 70 miles to banner waiving family and friends cheering along the roadside.

“I promised myself early on in this that each day is going to be a new day,” Hultman told the university for their story. “I don’t want to think about how much better everybody says I am. I want to prove to them that I am truly better.”

Yellowstone burning, man

Wildfire managers are letting a blaze burn in Yellowstone that produced massive smoke columns over the weekend. The Spruce Fire consumed 2,500 acres as of Tuesday. It was likely sparked by lightning sometime in early September.

The fire is burning in the central part of the park about 10 miles west of Fishing Bridge and two miles south of Hayden Valley. It was discovered on Sept. 9 at less than an acre. We read the news story in the LA Times.

Broncs on a roll

“They throw the ball well, and they have one of the best rushers we’ll face with that [Theo] Dawson kid,” North Fremont High School football coach Bob Lenz (no relation to the Jackson town councilman) told the Rexburg Standard Journal. “He’s a tough load to keep in check.”

Lenz also said scouts from Montana State were there to watch Dawson. The Broncs picked up a 20-12 win over North Fremont on Sept. 4. They won an away game against Lander last Friday, 63-0. PJH

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