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By on September 29, 2015

TEDx talks celebrate resilience

Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg has captivated millions of people with his TED talks.

Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg has captivated millions of people with his TED talks.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – If there is something that people in Jackson understand, it is resilience. We see it in the landscape, wildlife and in our friends and neighbors. On Sunday, we will also see it in the visionaries and storytellers who take the stage as part of TEDx Jackson Hole.

The line-up includes a diverse and inspiring array of people, explained Kori Price, production coordinator for TEDx JH. The lineup includes Jackson high school students Aspen Jacquet and Mariah Morales who will each sing during the event.

In its fifth year, TEDx Jackson Hole will feature speakers like Ellen Gallant, a cardiologist who dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. When she first ventured to the mountain’s base camp in 2014, 16 people died in an avalanche. When she returned the next year, an earthquake struck while she was at base camp. Instead of reaching the summit, she saved lives at base camp.

Another speaker, Megan Parker, is a pioneer in training dogs for conservation and endangered species preservation.

There’s also a sexual abuse survivor and a stroke survivor.

Each year TEDx Jackson Hole features a new theme.

Selecting a broad theme allows speakers to approach the topic from a variety of angles. It’s not just personal stories, but also a chance to talk about science and nature. A committee selects speakers from nominations.

Tickets for this year’s event sold out within a week. The Center for the Arts box office is maintaining a waiting list. People unable to secure tickets can also watch a live stream of the event in the theater’s lobby.

“I think people just love to be inspired and love to hear what people are doing,” Price said. “It sparks inspiration and it sparks conversation.”

The speakers:

Josh Bogle

“Resistant Infection Breeds Resilient Spirit”

Josh Bogle lost both his legs and right hand after catching a rare staph infection from a fishhook. But the 35-year-old former pro snowboarder is still pursuing his dreams.

Ellen Gallant

“The Mountain is Calling, and I Must Go”

Ellen Gallant dreamed for a decade of summiting Everest. She made it to base camp in 2014 when 16 climbers died on the mountain. She returned in 2015 and a massive earthquake created an avalanche that hit camp and killed 22 climbers.
Brian Hultman

“The Road”

Brian Hultman suffered a massive stroke while riding LOTOJA. He ended up in a wheelchair with aphasia, but two years later prepared to finish the race.
Damien Mander

“From Sniper to Rhino Conservationist”

When Damien Mander, a former sniper in the Australian Special Forces, became frustrated by the inability of law enforcement and governments to counter rhino poaching, he founded the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. The group uses military training and techniques for wildlife units to protect endangered species around the world.
Megan Parker

“Dogs for Conservation”

The revolutionary training methods Megan Parker uses with dogs allows them to help preserve endangered species. She is interested in using dogs to help under-funded conservation projects acquire data, reduce costs and save other animals on the brink of extinction.

Tracy Ross

“Why Resilience is a Loaded Word”

Tracy Ross’ book “The Source of All Things” grew out of an essay about the sexual abuse she suffered from her stepfather. The journalist and editor of Mountain Magazine has also covered a variety of issues from skiing in Iran to green Evangelicals.

Louie Schwartzberg

“Saving Our Planet: Nature’s Mysteries Revealed Through a Lens”

Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg’s TED talks have received more than 47 million views. His credits include “Mysteries of the Unseen World,” “Wings of Life,” “Moving Art” and “Super Soul Sunday.” He will talk about the resiliency of nature, how mushrooms can save the planet and how nature uses its beauty as a tool for survival.

2015 TEDx Jackson Hole: Resilience, 6 p.m. Sunday, Center for the Arts. Doors open with food and music at 5 p.m. Tickets are sold out, but add your name to the waiting list by calling the Center Box Office at 733-4900. The event will also stream live in the Center for the Arts lobby. PJH

The speakers featured during Sunday’s TEDx Jackson Hole will explore how a resilient spirit has helped them accomplish their goals.

The speakers featured during Sunday’s TEDx Jackson Hole will explore how a resilient spirit has helped them accomplish their goals.

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