Not a Heart Attack

By on October 1, 2015

Coroner: Hunter died of exposure

Jackson, Wyoming – A preliminary autopsy report released today indicates Bernhard Rietmann died of hypothermia and exposure to the elements. He likely did not survive his first night in the woods. Dr. Lars Conway, a pathologist, conducted the autopsy. He found no signs of serious trauma or that a cardiovascular event had occurred. Time of death will be estimated soon.

Rietmann, 85, was found a few hundred yards up Boulder Creek, huddled between two trees, partially covered in grass and branches in an attempt to stay warm. The hunter had not planned on being out for more than a few hours. When night came he was inadequately dressed with no water or food.

Rietmann’s body was found just before noon on Tuesday, September 29 after an extensive, multi-day search and rescue effort.

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