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Dancers’ Workshop offers free classes for the week.

Get moving with  free Dancers’ Workshop classes during its annual demo week.

Get moving with free Dancers’ Workshop classes during its annual demo week.

Jackson, WY – Dance has long been part of Brandie Orchard’s life. She moved to Jackson in 1995 to teach at Dancers’ Workshop after growing up in a studio. When she left Dancers’ Workshop, it could have been the end of her dancing days, but Dancers’ Workshop’s assortment of adult classes has allowed her to take Zumba and salsa, as well as fitness classes like pilates.

For Orchard, Dancers’ Workshop offered a place for her to keep dancing. But it also can be a place to start dancing.

You don’t need a dance background like Orchard’s to get moving at Dancers’ Workshop. The slate of adult classes are welcoming for all abilities and interests – from hip-hop dance to fitness classes like Booty Barre, said Katie Jackson, marketing coordinator with Dancers’ Workshop.

And the best way to check out these is during the free demo week held each fall. Starting Monday all of the drop-in classes at Dancers’ Workshop are free of charge.

It’s a great chance to see what classes are right for you, Jackson said.

Demo week has become so popular people are encouraged to sign up for slots online at to reserve spots. Pilates, Booty Barre and MELT classes are especially popular, she said.

The dance classes offer more than just fitness. Dance also builds confidence, Jackson said. It challenges your mind and builds body awareness and discipline. And, like other  forms of exercise, it increases endorphins and leaves you feeling good when you are done, Jackson said.

It’s also a great social outlet. “Dance has always been something that has brought communities together,” she said.

Orchard, who is also on Dancers’ Workshop’s board, plans to hit up as many classes during demo week as she can.

“Why not?” she said. “They’re free.” PJH

Dancers’ Workshop’s annual demo week, various times Monday through Saturday, free. For a complete schedule visit

Art Converges

Three collaborate to open shared performance space.

Macey Mott, Jason Fritts and Mike Covell are the minds behind Jackson’s freshest new creative space.

Macey Mott, Jason Fritts and Mike Covell are the minds behind Jackson’s freshest new creative space.

Jackson, WY -Jackson has an unusual problem for a small town. It has so much art, venues are bursting at the seams and smaller theater, music and dance groups aren’t able to secure space to rehearse and perform.

That’s why Riot Act, Inc.’s Macey Mott is partnering with musicians Jason Fritts and Mike Covell to create Convergence, a new performing arts venue. The trio is working to raise $50,000 through crowdfunding on the site Indiegogo.

The space will join the vacant Ryan Cleaners and Covell and Fritts’ studio at 545 N. Cache near the Rustic Inn.

Convergence will be a rehearsal, performance and event space that is affordable and flexible, Mott said. Riot Act, Inc., will become a nonprofit resident at Convergence. Other artists and groups will be able to rent the space for classes, rehearsals and performances. People will also be able to use the site for weddings, concerts and fundraisers.

“We want to cater to the community,” Mott said.

The community aspect is also why they decided to fundraise for the new space. Since it is meant to be a community space, the community should be involved in creating it, Mott said.

The money they raise from Indiegogo will help cover start-up costs including the remodeling along with adding bathrooms and climate control systems. Eventually they also want to add soundproofing and retractable walls to divvy the space up into multiple rooms when needed.

The three artists are working with a local architect to navigate town and county building codes and have submitted applications to change the use for the space. If approved, they will then work to remodel the space to bring it up to code in hopes of opening it early next year.

Once open, Convergence will charge people hourly rates for rehearsal spaces and events and performances. It also will host Convergence-sponsored events like concerts and dances. According to the fundraising page, Mott, Fritts and Covell hope Convergence will be profitable within three years of opening. PJH

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