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Toilet seat tribulations

151118TOU-1_origThe front-page newsworthiness of the News&Guide’s coverage of Chinese tourists’ inability to grasp the proper use of Western toilet seats was questionable, judging from local response. But a corresponding story in the UK’s Daily Mail verifies the vexing dilemma.

The piece, titled, “When potty training goes wrong,” appeared in 2013. It featured a 20-month old boy that had fallen through a “loo hole” while trying to balance perched atop a toilet seat. Firefighters eventually rescued the toddler.


Jackson Hole can now boast further on its award-winning Chamber of Commerce. The Better Business Bureau website was just one of the many places the news rang out.

Of the nearly 7,000 chambers in the United States, only 102 have earned a five-star rating from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Kickin’ it

151118TOU-2_origThis fundraising campaign puts the “kick” in Kickstarter. Jackson-based D-MOS Collective Inc. crowdfunded its design tool (The Kicker Tool) to the tune of more than the $20,000 target.

“When it goes, it goes ‘heck, yeah,’” entrepreneur Susan Pieper told Wyoming Business Report last week. Her “ridiculously bomber durable” modified shovel received a boost from a Travis Rice endorsement.

Pieper’s project comes on the heels of another successful Jackson-based Kickstarter campaign for Foot Flops – a heat moldable flip flop that uses technology similar to that in ski boot fitting.

Wyoming all business… mostly

Wyoming came in at middle-of-the-pack in Forbes’ annual ranking of Best States for Business. The 10th annual compilation ranked Wyoming No. 27 (same as last year). On the positive side, Wyoming nabbed the top spot in the Tax Foundation “Location Matters” study. The Equality State also ranked high in high school attainment: 92.6 percent of adult population (No. 2), and five-year household income change: 3.1 percent (No. 2).

Dragging the state down in the survey was a 49th ranking for five-year Gross State Product growth: 0.3 percent, and a last place ranking for the Arts and Recreation Index.

House cleaning

151118TOU-3_origCynthia Lummis’ decision to retire at the end of her current term in Congress reverberated across the country. US News & World Report shared the news, making sure to include Liz Cheney’s name in the opening sentence as her possible replacement. Cheney said she is mulling a run for the House seat.

“I came to Washington to be a reformer, not a career congressman,” Lummis, 61, said.

Meanwhile, the Billings Gazette is reporting Rep. Tim Stubson-R announced last Thursday he will throw his hat in the ring. The third-ranking State House member made the declaration just hours after Lummis’ news.

“I think my record shows me to be a pretty staunch conservative,” Stubson, 44, said. “I think that’s the way I would continue to be in Congress.”

Wyoming flunks open government test

Wyoming lawmakers were blasted for their lack of transparency according to a State Integrity Report released earlier this month. The report, sponsored by the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit investigative news agency Center for Public Integrity, gave Wyoming an “F” rating.

Plaguing the state legislation was a lack of a formal ethics enforcement agency, limited availability of public record data, and free-range lobbyists with too much power.

Wyoming ranked 49th overall. Wyofile’s Gregory Nickerson reported.

Climate challenge issued from JH

151118TOU-4_origJackson’s Peter Ward threw down the gauntlet last week, challenging fellow peers in the scientific community to find the real cause of global warming. The noted geophysicist and 27-year veteran of the U.S. Geological Survey offered $10,000 to any of the 2,000 worldwide atmospheric scientists he emailed on November 12 if they could definitively demonstrate a cause.

News of the Climate Change Challenge was carried by numerous trade journals and mainstream news outlets. Ward maintains that, “reducing carbon dioxide emissions will not reduce global warming.” PJH

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