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By on December 29, 2015

Become a better, more fulfilled version of your inner self by changing habits and listening to your soul.

151230CosmicJackson, WY – The New Year always brings the opportunity to reflect on something you can do to become a better and more fulfilled version of yourself. There are two approaches to identifying what you’d like to upgrade. One way consults your mind and often carries self-criticism. The other way accesses your soul, which bypasses the mind and is completely free of judgment.

Setting Goals and Changing Habits

This approach requires making a mental assessment of what you already know you’d like to improve and helps you set a strategy to make those improvements. Research suggests that the amount of time it takes to establish a new habit is on a continuum from 21 days to almost a year. There are many contributing factors at play in this. Everything from the kind of habit you want to change to your level of commitment and perseverance, the deep emotional roots of the habit, and how much you really want to grow and evolve affect how long it takes to make a change. Bottom line: You have to want to change, and it takes dedicated commitment and practice to succeed.

Here is some advice for helping you set goals and change habits:

• Choose something you will really do.

• Get professional help and support if you are choosing to upgrade a habit of deep underlying emotional issues.

• Notice if you are making excuses like: “ It takes too long,” “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have the money,” or “I’ll try” (trying is not doing). These excuses are likely indications that making the change is not your top priority right now. That’s OK. It’s better to be honest with yourself and go for it when you are really ready.

• Regroup and choose something you really want to change.

Listening to Your Soul

Your soul or your higher self is always ready to guide you to evolve and to let you know the path of your greater good and higher destiny. The heart is the portal though which we have access to the intelligence and wisdom of our soul. The heart/soul knows things for your greater good, which your mind can never figure out. Soulful guidance bypasses the mind. Our part is learning to recognize soulful signals, to listen to them and then to take action.

Here are some of the many ways the soul tries to get through the distractions of daily life to guide you:

• You have a thought, idea or dream about something that persists.

• Your inner voice or intuition keeps telling you the same message.

• The right people and/or opportunities show up in your life at just the right time.

• An injured body part or illness invites you to notice something about your life that is no longer working for you.

• You have a series of dreams telling you the same message.

An Exercise for Soulful Guidance

• Create about 15 minutes when you can sit quietly and not be interrupted.

• Sit comfortably with a straight spine.

• Close your eyes and take five relaxing deep breaths.

• With eyes closed, focus your awareness on your heart and greet it with love and gratitude for all it does for you.

• Imagine you can breathe in and out of your heart and do this for about a minute.

• Ask your heart the following questions and listen with your heart for the answers: What does my soul want to express through me in this new year (or at any time)? What is the simplest and most elegant way to begin this?

• Gently open your eyes, review and write down the guidance you have received.

Important to Remember

Keep in mind that whether you set mental goals, follow your heart/soul or use both approaches, this is not about what’s wrong with you. It is about making the desire to become more self-aware and self-actualized an important priority in your life. PJH

Carol Mann is a longtime Jackson resident, radio personality, former Grand Targhee Resort owner, author, and clairvoyant. Got a Cosmic Question? Email

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