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By on January 12, 2016

To become more evolved and self-aware, you need to listen to your heart not your mind.

160113CosmicJackson, WY – Becoming a more evolved, more awake and more self-aware human being requires knowing that our egos and our souls function very differently from each other and take us to different places when it comes to happiness, fulfillment and inner peace. With practice you can discern whether you are being guided by your ego or your soul, and when you consciously choose which one to follow in any given circumstance, you are truly in the driver’s seat of your life.

Limitations of the ego

Ego is neither good nor bad, it just is itself. You cannot get rid of it. It is not designed to change, and though it will try to run your life, it is optional to allow this.

One of the unique opportunities of our current world reality is developing and defining a sense of self. Ego creates the experience of being separate and in doing so it gives us that sense of self — of being a separate and unique individual with specific tastes, talents, challenges, sense of humor, values, viewpoints, perceptions, misperceptions and idiosyncrasies.

At the same time, the ego view of life is very limited. It is actually trying to protect us, but it only knows how to do that by being reactive and fear-based. The ego is the part of us that takes everything personally. Ego is constantly in the business of comparing and contrasting itself to everyone and attacking and/or defending itself. The ego also judges everyone and everything it encounters.

These attributes foster internal discontent, struggles, battles and emotional drama. Living only from ego is something like having an out-of-control 2-year-old running your life and telling you what to do.

Soul sensibilities

Our soul is our link up to the higher intelligence and unconditional love of creation. This is why soul is the intended driver of our lives. Ego is best suited and actually far more comfortable being in the passenger seat.

Soul is about interconnection and synergy rather than separation and conflict. It also does not take things personally and does not judge. What it perceives and discerns and what it knows is always in your higher, greater good.

In the human experience, the heart is what connects us to the soul and vice versa. What the soul knows bypasses the mind and the ego. It is the inner voice, the blind flash of the obvious, the ah-ha moment, the sudden inspiration and the direct knowing of what is true.

Choosing the high road of the soul is empowering and evolutionary. It includes large doses of compassion and the desire to share, to serve, to collaborate and to benefit the greater good.

The difference between ego and soul

Simply stated, you know it is ego talking and guiding you when your inner voice is needy, demanding, complaining, whiney or super critical. The ego is the voice always looking for something outside itself to blame or to make it happier or it is simply never satisfied.

How do you know when it is the wisdom of your soul guiding your choices? The soul knows truth directly. It does not need to consult the ego or the mind. Therefore, the way you know your soul is guiding you to a particular life choice is… you just know.

Author D.H. Lawrence wrote humorously about how ego and soul perceive what’s true. He used the analogy of roosters and hens in a barnyard. In the barnyard, he wrote, the roosters (egos) think that because they cock-a-doodle-do the sun rises each morning. The roosters also think because they cock-a-doodle-do in the evening, the sun sets. But the hens know.

Living more of your heart/soul’s wisdom and retiring from the ego-driven life is the essence of the new world paradigm. PJH

Carol Mann is a longtime Jackson resident, radio personality, former Grand Targhee Resort owner, author, and clairvoyant. Got a Cosmic Question? Email

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