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Down under

TOU_1-Cathy-GrimeThe Sydney Morning Herald ran a piece from Rachel Olding on the Aussie killed in Sunday’s avalanche at JHMR. Dave Hannagan, 46, was skiing with his newfound American companion from Arizona, Cathy Grimes, 36. The pair was enjoying a ski trip through Aspen, Telluride, Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor, before reaching Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

The two reportedly met recently while Hannagan was in the U.S. traveling. The night before they were killed, Hannagan posted a photo of him and Grimes at the Cowboy Bar. It was his last post.

Hannagan was a Level 2 ski instructor and an avid surfer.

“He was just one of those real true blue people, he was just so genuine,” Hannagan’s close friend and boss Ric Serreo told the Australian paper.

Housing hell from JH to NYC

TOU_2-Mayor-Sara-FlitnerAnother week, another story on Jackson’s tight housing market. This time it’s the New York Times weighing in with a story written by Nick Cote that mainly centers on Colorado’s woes.

Mayor Sara Flitner was quoted for the part of the piece that mentioned Jackson Hole.

“It’s so much worse today than it’s ever been,” Flitner told the Times. “When I go to the grocery store, I see the people who are sleeping in shifts. We see the gap continuing to widen between the uppermost levels of income earners and the rest.”

The chief cause was nailed by the paper in one line: “Local officials and housing experts say it is a symptom of widening economic inequality, one that is especially sharply felt in tiny resort towns hemmed in by beautiful but undevelopable public land.”

Singing the blues

TOU_3-red-state-blue-countyWait. Stop! Don’t read any further. Cover the rest of this item.

24/7 Wall Street just listed the most Democratic county in every state. Guess which county it is in Wyoming? OK, read on. If course, you’re right, by the way.

Because Wyoming begins with a “W” we had to do a lot of scrolling for you. It was hardly worth it. No surprise: Teton County is Wyoming bluest county with 54.7 percent of residents casting a ballot for Obama in 2012.

“That is a significant margin, given how red the state is as a whole,” wrote 24/7. “The county, which comprises a single district, has not elected a Democrat this century.”

She’s back… probably

TOU_4-Liz-CheneyCNN, MSNBC, and The Hill were among numerous outlets to run news that Liz Cheney will announce any day that she intends to enter the race for Congress. Current House Rep. Cynthia Lummis surprised Wyomingites with the news she would retire at the end of the year. The announcement spurred immediate reaction from state Republicans looking to succeed her.

Wyoming senator Leland Christensen joined an already crowded field with his coming out last week. His campaign will be run by Annaliese Wiederspahn, the daughter of Cynthia Lummis. Christensen has received early support from fellow state legislators and local politicians.

Cheney is not likely to get a warm reception from Lummis herself. When the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney moved to Wyoming from back east and suddenly declared she would challenge longtime Senator Mike Enzi for his seat, Lummis was less than supportive. The three-term congressman suggested Cheney run for office in Virginia rather than Wyoming.

Cheney’s short run was marred with allegations of “carpetbagger,” filing a false application for an instate Wyoming fishing license, and personal conflict with her lesbian sister. She blasted local media under the strain during a stop in Jackson when she said, directing her comment at the News&Guide, “Newspapers are dying, and that’s not a bad thing.” PJH

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