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Sip your soup from a work of art.

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A bowl might seem basic at first, but when left in the hands of 15 Jackson Hole artists, the possibilities are endless.

Ginger Burley carved pebble patterns on her bowl, giving it texture. Patrick Leary painted mountains creating picturesque landscapes. Sam Dowd sprayed his bowls with soda ash in kiln. It creates a random texture making it look like an orange peel.

These are just some of the almost 200 bowls people can pick from at the Art Association’s “Art for the Soul, Soup for the Bowl” event Thursday night.

For the $25 admission fee, people get to pick a locally handmade bowl they then can fill with soup from E. Leaven, Gather, Snake River Brewing and the Virginian. They also get beer or wine, bread from Great Harvest Bread Company, and a chance to meet and mingle with the artists who created the dinnerware filled with soup.

There’s complex and simple styles. “You never know what your mood is going to be when you eat,” said Dowd, ceramics and sculpture manager with the Art Association.

This is the fourth time the Art Association has hosted the event, which is so popular that when it took a hiatus for a couple years, people requested they bring “the bowl thing” back, Dowd said.

Dowd advises that if you want a specific bowl, or work from a specific artist, you might want to arrive early. “The early bird gets the bowl of their choice,” he said.

The family-friendly event deepens the connection between the user and the maker of the pottery. It’s a chance to buy a piece of functional art and immediately use it at a community event, which doubles as a small fundraiser for the ceramic studio.
Though Dowd prefers to coin it a “friend-raiser.” It helps people learn more about what the ceramics studio—the most expensive and most popular department at the art association—offers the community.

The Art Association will donate 5 percent of the proceeds to Hole Food Rescue.

Artists who donated bowls:

Eleanor Anderson, Jenny Dowd, Sam Dowd, Ginger Burley, Luci Smoak, Peter Fonatsch, Danielle Monique, Tenley Thompson, Michael Yin, Hunter Teig, Monique Cardillo, Peggy Mathiesen, Rob Broadbent, Patrick Leary, Sue Morriss

Art for the Soul, Soup for the Bowl, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Thursday at the multi-purpose studio at the Art Association of Jackson Hole, $25.

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