BREAKING: GOP Chair Quits Over Trump

By on March 14, 2016
JuliAnne Forrest

JuliAnne Forrest

Jackson Hole, Wyoming — The Planet has learned that Teton County GOP chair JuliAnne Forrest has resigned over her party’s choice in a presidential candidate. At last Saturday’s Republican Party caucus, held at Hotel Terra, party members elected to back delegate Dr. John Baker in a close vote, 21-19. Baker campaigned openly he will support Donald Trump at the national convention in Ohio later this summer.

Forrest initially said she was surprised by her own party last Saturday night. That surprise festered into disappointment over the weekend. She told The Planet today that she was dismayed at the lack of participation at the caucus, which she blamed for the backing of “a reality star.”

“I have chosen to step down as chairman of the Teton County Republican Party because, if Donald Trump receives the nomination, I cannot as a matter of principle encourage people to vote for him. And that is a very important role of the county chairman,” Forrest said. “The Republican Party I grew up in stood for limited government and fiscal responsibility—ideals I still believe in. I will not back away from being active in Republican events, but I will not be associated with this effort.”

Forrest added that, “Republican and Democrat establishments need to recognize we have a very serious problem with America’s lack of faith in our leaders and something needs to change.”

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