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By on March 23, 2016

A look at the most memorable reader queries from this column.


Q: Do we have more than one soul mate?

A:  Yes, we each have many. Some are people with whose souls we have had loving relationships in previous lives. Others are souls we are meeting for the first time. All unconditional love is soul love.

Q: What role does intuition play in the workplace?

A: Studies from the Harvard Business School discovered that business entrepreneurs credited 80 percent of their successes to acting on their intuition. Intuition is key in the areas of timing, innovating, problem solving and hiring. Many entrepreneurs say that intuition separates the experts from the amateurs.

Q: Do pets reincarnate?

A: Yes. Animals who experience close relationships with their human companions develop a more individuated soul from the collective soul of their species, and are able to incarnate again and again with the same person. This is why/how some dogs/cats/horses are far more than just a “pet,” while others are just pets with no special depth of intelligence and personality. Since pets have a shorter life span than ours, they can return to us many times over the course of our lives. And depending on the depth of connection and the level of evolution of the animal and ourselves, pets have already accompanied us and can continue to accompany us in many lifetimes.

Q: Is it true that our thoughts, beliefs and actions affect the entire matrix of life?

A: Science has demonstrated that everything is energy, and all life is interconnected, has intelligence, and is constantly communicating at frequencies above, below and at levels we are able to perceive. Studies indicate further that the higher frequency energy of love-based thoughts, beliefs and actions contribute to an upgrade in the wellbeing of the entire matrix of life. A currently proven and very ancient bottom line is: Thriving for self, for others, and for the Earth equates to developing a loving state of being.

Q: Is there evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos?

A: There is plenty of reported evidence, but here are some mind-blowing facts. University of California, Santa Barbara Science Line reports there are about 100 billion stars in our galaxy. They have discovered that it is common for stars to have solar systems orbiting around them. If only 0.1 percent of stars in the Milky Way have orbiting planets, there are 10 million solar systems in our galaxy with untold numbers of planets orbiting their suns at approximately the distance we are from our sun. Not to mention that there would be life forms unlike and unknown to us, which are perfectly adapted to environments we could not inhabit.

There are an estimated three thousand billion galaxies in the known universe (not to mention universes we are currently unable to perceive). Given the huge number of possible inhabited planets, there would be life more advanced, as advanced, and less advanced than we are in both consciousness and technology. The growing consensus:  Life is the rule, not the exception in the universe. PJH

Carol Mann is a longtime Jackson resident, radio personality, former Grand Targhee Resort owner, author, and clairvoyant. Got a Cosmic Question? Email

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