New school sewer hookup bogs down on site location

By on July 5, 2016

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The school district’s bid to hook into the town’s sewer system for the proposed Munger Mountain elementary school in Hog Island nearly derailed, again, when councilman Jim Stanford challenged the site location despite urgings from TCSD No. 1 COO Brad Barker and vice mayor Hailey Morton Levinson that where the new school was proposed was not the agenda issue.

After lively debate, with Mayor Sara Flitner recused because of unrelated PR work her firm has done with the school district, the council appeared deadlocked 2-2 with Morton Levinson and Don Frank prepared to allow Munger Mountain to hook into the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

Bob Lenz confessed he was torn between granting the sewer connection and “the defacto zoning it would bring to Hog Island.” Stanford desired a broader debate regarding potentially far-reaching impacts of allowing a sewer line to extend 10 miles south of town.

With a motion from Lenz, backed by Stanford, to table the discussion for another two weeks to better study the situation—a defeat would mean the school district would be sent packing with nowhere to treat it’s sewage but onsite.

Vice mayor Morton Levinson graciously voted against her long-range desire to agree to a two-week extension to at least keep the debate alive. School officials said they are up against the wall with timeline. A synergy with WYDOT’s scheduled redesign of South Highway 89 means the sewer line designer, Zia Yasrobi’s Y2 Consultants, would need to work day and night to have something ready for the highway department by the end of the month.

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